The Best Paddleboarding Accessories for iSUPs

The Best Paddleboarding Accessories for iSUPs

The Best Paddleboarding Accessories for iSUPs 

Inflatable SUPs 

Inflatable SUPs offer certain advantages over hard epoxy boards, most importantly a winning combination of durability and easy transportation. While acquiring a board is the most important step in becoming a regular paddle boarder, there are certain accessories that you’ll want to invest in to enhance your experience. For your next SUP trip, make sure you update your packing checklist to include:

  • Carbon fiber paddle
  • Paddle board fins
  • Paddle board pump
  • And a board bag to carry it all in!

Having the right accessories on hand will ensure you are prepared for anything that comes your way.

Four SUP Accessories That Are Worth Investing In

Carbon Fiber Paddle

Once you’ve decided what kind of stand up paddle board is right for you, it’s time to look into SUP paddles. If you’re planning to make stand up paddleboarding a regular part of your life, investing in a carbon fiber paddle will be worth it in the long run.

Not only will this kind of paddle last you a lifetime; carbon is one of the lightest and strongest materials for SUP paddles. While a carbon fiber paddle will have a higher upfront cost, it will stand up against hours out on the water while taking extra pressure off your joints and muscles.

Our Tough Blade SUP Paddle combines all of the benefits of a carbon fiber paddle with our Armalight technology. We crafted our paddle using a hollow-core molding process, which allows us to increase the durability of the paddle with extra layers of our composite blend without sacrificing its ease and efficiency. The lightweight shaft combined with our ergonomic, fiberglass handle and carbon and Armalight blade create an incredibly smooth paddle stroke that will help you enjoy paddling for longer.

An extra benefit of our carbon fiber paddle is that it’s great for all types of users in all types of settings. The paddle itself is adjustable, so you can further fit your paddle to fit your height and personal paddle preferences. Best of all, this carbon fiber paddle is made for travel, just like our iSUPs. Our paddle is constructed in three pieces that are easy to take apart and stow in your travel pack, so you can easily take your paddle on the go.

Paddle Board Fins

If the first thing that comes to mind when you think of stand up paddle boards are paddles, the second thing should be paddle board fins. Paddle board fins are essential to the proper use and full enjoyment of a stand up board, so you’ll want to invest in one that works well with your board.

Paddle board fins are what allow you to have a full range of control in where you want your board to go. While the overall shape of your board can greatly impact maneuverability, making sharp turns and even traveling in a straight line would not be possible without paddle board fins.

Here at Hydrus, we carefully design every aspect of our boards, and our paddle board fins are no exception. Our click-in fin is shaped to keep your ride smooth and steady, even in shallow waters. Unlike other paddle board fins, our click-in fin slides over protruding obstacles, like tall rocks or debris, while providing enough surface area to keep your board in-line.

Our paddle board fins are called click-in fins because they do just that. After you’ve inflated your board, all you need to do is click-in the spring-loaded ball bearings and you’re ready to go! There is a chance our paddle board fins may be knocked out if you’re traveling with your board in reverse, but if that happens, we’ve used a fiber-reinforced polymer to keep our fins affordable and durable.

Paddle Board Pump

Now that we’ve covered the two accessories that are absolutely essential while you are out on the water, we need to talk about the one you need to take your inflatable stand up board from travel size to water ready: a paddle board pump.

For stand up paddle boarders who have opted for an inflatable board, a paddle board pump is a non-negotiable part of your packing list. While you may think just any old pump will work, investing in a strong, durable, lightweight paddle board pump will save you from overexerting yourself while trying to blow up your board without adding too much extra weight to your pack.

Depending on your personal needs and preferences, there are two types of inflatable paddle board pumps you might try: a manual paddle board pump and an electric paddle board pump.

Manual paddle board pumps are simple, straightforward, and easy to use. We’ve continued to design with our ethos of creating products that are both durable and lightweight, and our pumps are no exception. Our small, manual paddle board pump can be carried in your travel pack and will dependently get your iSUP ready for use in no time.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, our electric paddle board pump is a must have. The majority of our customers prefer this paddle board pump because you can have a fully inflated board in less than ten minutes. Especially if you are traveling with a group of paddle boarders, having a quick and efficient way to blow up your board is essential to saving energy and maximizing your time out on the water. 

To guarantee our electric paddle board pump is well made and built to last, every pump comes with a two year warranty and an on-the-go ready carry bag. Whether you are a first time iSUP user or a seasoned veteran, you can count on an electric pump to get the job done over and over again for years to come.

Board Bags

Sometimes, a bag is just a bag, but a bag specifically designed to carry an iSUP will transform the way you transport your board. Our board bags are designed to carry everything you might need for a day spent paddle boarding, from your inflatable board to your accessories to a midday snack. These full sized packs include straps for your carbon fiber paddle, room for your paddle board fins, space for your paddle board pump, and whatever else you might need to fuel your adventure.

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