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Hydrus High Volume River Surfboards Explained

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Here is an answer to a common question we get asked about high volume River Surfboard options.


Hey Jason, I'm trying to decide which board to get could you please explain the notable differences between your three main higher volume river surfboards and the pros and cons of each?  Thanks!

Hey Jeff, so nice to hear from you.

I’d love to get you set up with one of our boards.

For an all-around river wave board, the Montrose sizes Hyper has been the most popular. It has the required volume for a lot of river waves. It’s a season extender. But, I think it surprises people with its quickness given it’s a larger footprint. The high volume cake is a favorite for a number of good surfers and the Blisscuit has become a favorite for some.
All three we’ve shaped to be fast considering their size and maneuverability and we pay a lot of attention to the rocker. Rocker can make or break a river board faster than anything. Flat does not necessarily mean faster in river surfing :) -lots of variables to consider. We’ve learned from plenty of bad boards and mistakes in the past :)

They are all high volume and all three have close to the same volume. The size of the outline (footprint) is a difference between the three shapes. The Blisscuit is 5’x23” 56L. The Montrose Hyper is 5’6”x25” 54L and the cake is 5’3”x23” 48L. The Cake and Blisscuit pack a lot of volume into small dimensions due to the drop rails. The drop rails allow me to carry a lot of thickness far out to the perimeter of the board but then that thickness dives down into a nice and thin high-performance rail profile.

If you need a board that fits really nicely into a tight pocket or hole wave the shorter boards especially the Blisscuit are a blast. Given their high volume and speed they will surf a wave that other “normal” 5’ or 5’3” shapes can’t hold. But given their short length, they are QUICK. the Cake has a slight speed advantage given its more parallel outline and slightly wider rail than the Blisscuit. The Blisscuit has a narrower tail that can be stomped on for quicker turns.

If a rider needs more stability for whatever reason, larger rider, rougher wave, a tough time with pop-ups ... the Montrose is the one! Given the extra length, the 5’6” Montrose has the hydrodynamic advantage on faster/flatter green waves.

That was a fun little essay I just wrote :)

Yeah, the durability has been great. People have been digging the durability of our boards for years now but this year we figured out some big improvements. Some improvements to the Armalight formulation, the weave pattern made a difference, we improved our foam, fin boxes and we came up with a gloss that actually has “self-healing” properties. -which does sound a lot cooler than it actually is but scuff marks disappear... Right now I feel like it’s all working out! Next year I might work on some new traction pad materials and design ideas. And maybe some molds for some unique fin shapes we’ve had in mind but other than that I think we’re close.


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