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Inflatable paddleboard Inventory selling out early each year.

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 Customer Question:
Hey Jason, 
The freedom inflatable SUP is showing sold out now - are you out of stock?  
Sounds like I need to jump on the isurf if I want one.  When would you get restocked?  
Thanks again, 
Yeah,  that last iSURF (inflatable surfboard) will probably sell this weekend I’d imagine.   I do have a few freedom inflatable SUP's left.   I think only five or six.   Since we are running low I bet our website inventory level was a few boards off.   I’ll fix that.  
We build inflatable paddleboards over winter and should have more available next April or May.     Being a small shop we can only build so many of each model.   This year the Party boards, iSURF Joyride XL and freedom sold better than anticipated.   They are cool models -I think they gained momentum from last years sales.   It’s over 90% of our sale are either repeat customers or direct referrals so the more boards we get out there the more we sell.     
We don’t really market much at all.   It’s all word of mouth and we just try to focus on building the best products that really stand out and then rely on the quality and our awesome customers to sell more.   As authentic and organic as possible.   It's not the fastest way for a small business to scale and grow but I think it's the best way for us and it's what we'd planned from the onset several years ago. 

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