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Which Hydrus Inflatable Paddleboard model for me?

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Customer question: 

Hi Jason,

My friend Leo from Santa Fe New Mexico told you were the company to get a SUP from. He said you would be willing to give me a deal as well. I am looking for 1-2 inflatable SUPs I’m a beginner so nothing fancy please. What do you think would work the best from your line?
Thank you for your time and help,
Hey Brian,   Great to year from you!   Good to meet any friend of Leo’s.  
Generally, people in your position are thrilled with our JoyRide or Paradise inflatable paddleboard models.   The Joyride is a bit more stable and the Paradise is a bit faster.    The Paradise iSUP is loved by folks that plan on paddling for exercise, or distance or who just like the idea of having a more efficient board.   The Joyride iSUP is for those looking for a great all-around board that’s more stable.   The joyride is also a bit more capable if you plan on taking it in rivers.    I’d say the Paradise speed is a 9 and stability 6.   Joyride is a speed 6 and stability 8.     Joyride XL iSUP is a Speed 4-5 and stability 10! 
Does that help??  
If you’d like.   Let’s figure out the boards you’re looking for and I’ll send you a draft invoice with the current discounted price.   Sound good?

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