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Adjustable Carbon Fiber Paddle - Tough Blade Performance


$ 239.00

Tough Blade, Carbon Fiber Shaft Plus Armalight blade, High-Performance. 

The Tough Blade Paddle is durable enough for rivers and all-around use, it's also lightweight and high-performing.  

We use a hollow core technology and we can use the weight savings to add more layers of our blended composites technology resulting in a much stronger and better-performing carbon fiber composite paddle.

  • Our Dual Compression-Lever Adjustable System allows for quick adjustments based on rider height, riding style, and personal preference.
  • Blade shape is engineered to have the perfect angels, catch and curves for the most efficient stroke and smoothest paddle release possible - a difference you are sure to notice.   It feels really smooth and efficient in the water!
  • Blade size is medium to large.  We prefer fast and efficient, so we have found this paddles size and shape to be perfect for nearly all paddlers especially those who want to go fast!

Skill Level: Beginner to Pro

  • 3 piece construction allows the paddle to break down to only 3 feet in length in order to easily stow inside a car or backpack (perfect for Inflatable SUPS)

    Our Story and Pricing

    Started in 2013, by two brothers a few close friends, and the dream to build small batches of premium boards with fresh ideas, responsible manufacturing, and a customer-friendly approach.  


    We are a local co. just outside of Boise, Idaho, a city surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers. Hydrus is quickly becoming known for personal service, extreme durability, new ideas, clean looks and our premium products.  


    “Great boards, great service, good pricing and a company with a conscience!" -Tim M.  Owner of a JoyRide XL Inflatable.   


    “Hydrus is the best! Amazing quality! I have 3 boards now and wouldn't even consider buying anything else! Hydrus rocks!!!” - Greg H.  -Owner of two Hydrus iSUP’s and an Armalight Board.
    “River surfing is hard on equipment, and this board has hit rocks a ton of times. Its durability is unmatched...” -Derek D.  Owner of a Revo SUP and ToughBlade Paddle


    In typical Hydrus fashion, we take a new approach to sales.  A Community Direct approach. We promote all that make our sport and community stronger. Referrals are the most authentic sales.   We spend very little on marketing but instead rely on word-of-mouth and the quality of our products.  Then, we give back to those who support us by way of the best service possible.

    Over the last few years, we've invented Armalight Construction, CrossBoards, composite re-inforced iSUP’s, Tough Blade Paddles and boards with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    From the beginning we’ve had a different mission for Hydrus.   We are all about supporting the sports we love and our community!  Our boards may be some of the most expensive to build in the world but we find ways to make sure our prices are more than reasonable.   Straight forward with no gimmicks, no overblown marketing budget, responsible manufacturing with almost zero waste, nearly everything done in-house and our main source of sales is referrals then we pass the savings on to you.   

    We do a lot of R&D, design 100% of every product ourselves, and we maintain quality that’s far superior.

    Thank you for the support!!!







    30-Day Guarantee

    Please try it out! 

    If your buy one of our boards or other gear and it doesn't noticably make your life better in some way or if you aren't completely satisfied with the craftsmanship and performance, we will help you to ship it back and give you 100% of your money back - just a thanks for giving it a shot! 

    So long as the item purchased doesn't show abnormal signs of wear and tear, and it's within 30-days of your purchase receipt and/or delievery reciept, we will offer you the choice of a 100% refund or 110% in-store credit towards a different product of your choice.

    Buy and Try for 30 days, and Pay Later with Blispay, + 2% Cash Back on purchase. Learn More

    Outside of the United States and certain territories of Canada, we are unable to cover return shipping due to prohibitive costs.  Hydrus will always work with customers in any region to ensure that the board they recieve is free of defect and shipping damage.  

    *Custom boards and other products may not apply.  *See terms or contact us for full details.  



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