Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&
Inflatable Party Board 14&

Inflatable Party Board 14'x54"

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Presenting our Party Board - a 14'x54" inflatable paddleboard designed to carry a crowd. This board isn't just big, it's a canvas for adventure and fun!

From navigating rapids with six paddlers onboard to tranquil lake cruises for trout or salmon, this board offers unparalleled versatility. You can enjoy playful wrestling matches, lounge on lawn chairs, or simply cherish life's moments, all on the water. Despite its size, the board can be conveniently rolled up and transported in an SUV or truck bed.


With a factory pressure test rating of 31psi, you can comfortably inflate this board up to the maximum recommended 25psi. Many riders choose a pressure between 12-20psi, depending on the situation and personal preference. Due to the superior composite reinforced materials and fortified sidewalls, our inflatable boards maintain remarkable stiffness even at lower pressures.

This large board take 15 minutes to sufficiently inflate to 12psi using our recommended electric pump (add-on accessory). 

"We stand for building boards the right way, not the easy way." No gimmicks, just quality and functionality.

Our 3-layer Fusion composite reinforced outer shell offers superior durability, rigidity, and performance compared to any other inflatable board. The newly reinvented welded interior seams ensure the seams - typically the weakest part of an inflatable - are the strongest element of our boards. Our boards come with a *Lifetime Warranty covering seam failures.

The High-Performance Rocker elevates the front of the board, ensuring a smooth, clean, and efficient release even in waves or choppy waters. The soft brushed deck pad is crafted from high-quality, durable foam, ensuring comfort and longevity. The board comes with two fishing rod holder attachment points, 19 D-Ring rigging points, and click-in fins, providing limitless possibilities for customization.


Party Board:

  • Length: 14'
  • Fully Inflated Width: 54″
  • Thickness: 6″
  • Weight Limit: 1000lbs
  • Board Weight: 67lbs

*NOTE: Despite being lightweight, our board reflects the highest performance and the most durable inflatable construction possible.

This inflatable board model was meticulously designed, shaped, and engineered by our dedicated Hydrus team in Boise, Idaho, USA. While our 2023 inflatable models are assembled overseas due to certain restrictions, we are continuously seeking ways to move production stateside. If you're in need of a 100% USA-made paddleboard, do check out our hardboard line. Every detail of our designs, shapes, accessories, and materials speaks to our commitment to innovation, and we stand firmly behind the quality of our products.

Let the Party Board be the heart of your waterborne adventures, delivering endless fun and memorable experiences. Thanks for the support! Sincerely, your Hydrus Family


Quick Note About Sales

Hydrus: Quality First, Always

At Hydrus, we're not just in the business of crafting exceptional boards; we're creating a movement rooted in quality, value and a love for the water. Here's a quick glimpse into our philosophy and how we operate:

Limited Batches, Unmatched Quality We've become renowned for our obsessive attention to detail, unparalleled craftsmanship, and treating customers how we'd like to be treated. This reputation and our steadfast commitment to quality mean our limited batches often sell out sooner than expected. Here's how to secure your piece of excellence:

  • In-Stock: If a product shows as in stock, it's your golden opportunity! Grab it before it's gone.
  • Pre-Sale: See something listed as a pre-sale? We're close to crafting more units. Lock in your board at the sale price.
  • Waitlist: Out of stock? Join the waitlist. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, and we'll let you know when your desired board is ready.

Unwavering Commitment, Unbeatable Prices Our fans know that Hydrus stands for top-tier products at remarkable prices. How do we do it?

  • Smart Manufacturing: We craft in small batches using premium materials and superior construction techniques.
  • Efficient Operations: Our streamlined, low-cost operations enable us to focus on what truly matters: quality.
  • Honest Practices: We skip the marketing gimmicks, paid reviews, inflated mark-ups, and other unnecessary costs that would only weigh you down.

Our philosophy is simple: create the best, and let the product speak for itself. We rely on you, our cherished customers and supporters, to spread the word about the quality we live and breathe.

Welcome to Hydrus

30-Day Test Ride: Love It, Exchange It, or Return It

30-Day Test Ride: Love It, Exchange It, or Return It

If you invest in a Hydrus board or any of our gear and find it doesn't significantly enhance your experience or you're not entirely content with the quality and performance, we'll facilitate its return and grant you a full refund - it's our sincere desire to make sure you are satisfied and set up with the proper equipment!

Easy Exchanges: Choosing the right board can be complex, and we want to ensure you end up with the model that perfectly suits your needs. Within 30 days from your purchase or delivery receipt, you can exchange your board for another model in our range. Our team will assist you in identifying the right fit for your style and preferences. The only costs you should incur, as long as the condition of your returned board is good, would be the shipping fees to return the original board and any price difference between the models, if applicable.

Refunds: Provided the purchased item doesn't exhibit unusual signs of wear and tear, and it's within 30 days from your purchase or delivery receipt, we offer you a 100% cash refund. Please be aware that customers will be responsible for return shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee, based on the product's purchase price, especially for any boards. This restocking fee is essential in curbing misuse of the return policy and ensures we can continue offering this generous assurance.

For customers residing outside the United States and certain regions of Canada, we regret that we can't cover the return shipping due to high costs. Nonetheless, Hydrus commits to working closely with all customers, regardless of their location, to ensure that the board they receive is free from defects and shipping damage.

Please note that custom boards and certain other products may be exempt from this policy. See our terms or reach out to us for comprehensive details.


Supporting information for the "Hydrus 30-Day Test Ride: Love It, Exchange It, or Return It" policy:

Understanding the 30-Day Test Ride Period: Our 30-day Test Ride policy grants ample time to evaluate and delight in our products thoroughly. The 30-day boundary is vital in preserving the product's quality and resale value, enabling us to extend this beneficial offer to all our customers. Adherence to this time limit is key to sustaining this service for everyone.

The 15% Restocking Fee, Simplified: A return within the 30-day period will incur a 15% restocking fee of the purchase price and return shipping fees. This charge encompasses the evaluation, restocking, and administrative tasks related to returns, particularly for inflatable and Armalight boards. This precaution discourages short-term purchases intending to temporarily use and return, safeguarding our ability to provide top-tier products with a generous return and exchange policy. Without this safeguard, we could risk our ability to maintain this essential trust-building aspect of our service.

Your Options for Refund or Exchange: Within 30 days from your purchase or delivery receipt, we ensure that returns exhibiting no unusual wear or tear will be eligible for a 100% cash refund. If you'd prefer to exchange your product, we're here to guide you to the perfect model that aligns with your style and needs, with only shipping fees or any price difference between models to consider.

Hydrus Inflatable Difference

Craftsmanship at Its Core: Hydrus isn't just about building paddleboards; it's about sculpting masterpieces that embody our passion and precision. Each board manifests our dedication, reflecting not only premium materials but also our innovative features that place us in a league of our own.

Engineered by Paddle Enthusiasts: Our love for the sport drives us to create. Unlike generic brands, where marketing overshadows the product, our boards symbolize individuality and performance. When you choose Hydrus, you're opting for the craft of true enthusiasts.

Feel the Difference with Hydrus:

  • Proprietary Armalight Air Construction: A unique process that sets our boards apart.
  • Triple-Layer Composite Reinforced PVC Shell: Emphasizing our quest for robustness and longevity.
  • Innovative Seam Technology: Our multi-layer fused seams redefine performance, transcending conventional "welded seams" and surpassing typical glued options.
  • A New Wave of Woven Drop-Stitch Craftsmanship: Innovation brings Strength and rigidity to life.
  • Lifetime Warranty: A pledge of trust in the quality we deliver.
  • Hydrus 30-Day Test Ride: Love It, Exchange It, Or Return It: Because we believe in your satisfaction.
  • Preserving Nature: We give back to nature, contributing 2% of profits to conservation and partnerships with organizations like American Whitewater and Outdoor Outreach.

Welcome to Hydrus! Passion for paddling, innovation, and integrity merge in our quest to build paddleboards and lifelong companions for your aquatic adventures.

Our Story and Pricing

Hydrus: A Journey from Passion to Innovation

Founded in 2013 by two brothers and a close-knit group of friends, Hydrus was more than a business venture – it was a vision and a passion. A vision to craft limited editions of top-quality boards, infuse innovative ideas, pursue responsible manufacturing, and elevate customer experience to the heart of everything we do.

Located just outside Boise, Idaho, amidst the tranquil beauty of lakes and rivers, Hydrus has come to stand for personalized service, remarkable durability, inventive spirit, elegant minimalism, and the highest quality in the market.

Here's what our proud owners have to say:

  • "Top-notch boards, excellent service, fair pricing, and a conscientious company!" – Tim M., JoyRide XL Inflatable owner.
  • "Exceptional quality! I now own three boards and couldn't fathom opting for any other brand! Hydrus is extraordinary!!!" – Greg H., owner of two Hydrus iSUPs and an Armalight Board.
  • "River surfing is demanding, and this board's resilience is second to none..." – Derek D., owner of a Revo SUP and ToughBlade Paddle.

Our approach to sales is as unique as our products. Instead of traditional methods, we embrace a Community Direct approach, investing in what strengthens our sport and community. For us, word-of-mouth and the self-evident quality of our products speak louder than advertisements. What we save on marketing, we give back through unparalleled customer service and continuous innovation.

In recent years, we've introduced cutting-edge technologies such as Armalight Construction, CrossBoards, composite reinforced iSUPs, Tough Blade Paddles, and boards robust enough to come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Hydrus's mission is distinctive. We're wholeheartedly committed to promoting the sports we love and building our community. Although our boards may be among the most expensive to produce globally, we find ways to remain competitively priced. Our approach is transparent and honest, steering clear of exaggerated marketing, gimmicks, and irresponsible manufacturing. With almost everything done in-house and referrals as our primary sales channel, the savings are passed directly to you.

We believe in investing in research, designing each product ourselves, and maintaining a quality that truly stands out.

Thank you for believing in Hydrus, where your passion for paddling fuels our dedication to excellence. We're immensely grateful for your continued support and excited to participate in your water-bound adventures. Welcome to the Hydrus family! 🌊

iSUP Care and Maintenance

Hydrus iSUP Care and Maintenance: Protecting Your Investment

Owning a top-grade inflatable board doesn't just bring the thrill of the water; it's also an investment in quality and craftsmanship. Here at Hydrus, we don't just build boards; we craft experiences meant to last a lifetime. You've just joined an elite club with a Hydrus iSUP, and let's make sure you both enjoy a lifetime of sun-kissed waves and thrilling adventures.

Sun Exposure: Play it Cool

  • Watch the Pressure: If your board will be basking in the hot sun, deflate it to less than ten psi. Our rigorous testing shows that the sun can easily inflate the board an extra 7psi, and that's a squeeze you don't want if you're near maximum pressure.
  • Avoid UV Damage: Sure, your board loves the sun (who doesn't?), but like us, it prefers sunscreen for extended exposure. UV rays might fade the foam traction pads, bungee cords, and PVC. For those long, sun-soaked days, we recommend 303 Aerospace UV Protectant. A spray and wipe (excluding the traction pad) once or twice a year keeps the color in check and the board happy. Applying too much to the traction pad makes it slippery and hard to get off.  Lightly wipe the pad only for a bit of UV protection - do not spray or skip applying to the pad altogether.

Winter Storage: Tuck it In

Before saying goodbye for winter, pamper your board with a light coat of 303 Protectant Spray and store it either partially inflated or loosely rolled. A quick 5-10 pumps with the supplied pump will do the trick, smoothing out those hard creases. Apply the protectant with a cloth to the board's surface, avoiding spraying the traction pad to keep it non-slippery during use, and it's ready to dream of summer.

Repairs: We've Got You Covered

Life can be unpredictable; although our iSUP's shell material is robust, accidents happen. Punctures from sharp rocks, dock nails, or even rogue thorns don't spell disaster. Every board comes with a repair kit and easy instructions. And if it's your first repair? Just call us; we'll guide you through, step by step. We have video tutorials we can send as well. 

Your Board's Lifetime Companion

At Hydrus, we build boards with the hope they become your lifetime companion on the water. With these simple care steps, your iSUP will continue providing outstanding performance and joy. Have any questions or need assistance? We're always here for you because your satisfaction is our goal.

Lifetime Warranty

Hydrus Board Tech iSUP Lifetime Warranty & Claim Process

Our Commitment: At Hydrus Board Tech, we stand firmly behind the quality and durability of our products. Our Armalight and proprietary technologies are designed to provide you with lasting performance, and we're here to ensure that promise holds true.

Lifetime Warranty Terms for Inflatable Boards Purchased 2021 and after Our products have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If at any time your board fails due to a manufacturing or material fault within the lifetime of the product, we commit to either repair or provide a replacement, ensuring you are always on the water with confidence. *Expected lifetime for PVC materials depends on UV exposure and overall treatment quality. The average expected lifetime of moderate to heavy UV exposure is ten years. The average is much longer with light to moderate sun exposure and good care.

Claim Process: Filing a warranty claim is a simple and straightforward process:

Documentation: Capture a clear photograph of the issue on your board and locate the serial number printed near the fin box.

Contact: Send the photograph, serial number, and a brief description of the issue to our dedicated team at

Sending Your Board: If further assessment is required or repair is deemed possible, mail your board to Attn: Warranty Dept. Hydrus Board Tech 1768 East State Street Eagle, Idaho 83616

After Three Years: Should your board experience issues after three years from the purchase date, we remain dedicated to helping you get back on the water. After receiving your shipped board, we will restore it to its former glory and cover return shipping fees if repair is possible. If, after three years from the date of purchase, the repair isn't feasible (due to natural degradation of materials or condition of product), at our discretion, we may elect to offer a brand new replacement board at a significantly discounted rate, which generally includes shipping fees and hard costs. Generally around 50% off the lowest advertised price on our website. This ensures you continue to enjoy the water with a brand-new reliable board without breaking the bank.

Warranty Exclusions: While we're confident in our boards, there are specific situations where the warranty does not apply:

  • Damage caused by misuse, abuse, or neglect.
  • Normal wear and tear, including scratches, dents, or cosmetic damages.
  • Damage is caused by exposure to extreme temperatures, prolonged UV exposure, or improper storage.
  • Damage or defects caused by modification or repairs not executed by Hydrus Board Tech.
  • Second-hand Boards: Our warranty only covers boards purchased directly from Hydrus Board Tech or our approved affiliates and partners. Second-hand boards, i.e., boards bought from an individual who is not an authorized dealer, are not eligible for warranty coverage. This ensures that every board we cover under our warranty has been handled with the care and maintenance guidelines we provide to our customers, preserving the integrity and value of our lifetime commitment. We deeply value our relationship with our customers, and this policy enables us to maintain our promise of a lifetime warranty, assuring that the boards have been cared for following our instructions and recommendations.
  • Products that have been used for rental, commercial, or teaching purposes.

Thank you for choosing Hydrus Board Tech. We value your trust and will always strive to uphold the high standards you expect from us. Safe paddling!