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Hydrus CrossBoard & Paddle Package - Original


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Hydrus CrossBoard™and Paddle

Cross between SUP, Surf, and Skate.

Longboard Shapers:
Jason and Nick Zawadzki

The highest quality and unique paddle surfing longboard package ever created, brought to you by HYDRUS BOARD TECH.

This board may just be the perfect balance of Speed and Flow! At cruising speeds, this board feels like you're riding a head-high California surf wave, or floating through waist high powder on a snowboard... Pick up the pace a bit, and you'll feel the energy of the multiple layers of high rebound hardwoods snapping you through turns like you've never felt before on a board of any type. The look of this board will have you cruising sidewalks, around campus or down the green belt with friends or family in style! As a huge bonus, it's an incredible full body workout, training core strength, paddle strength for SUP, balance, and stamina.   "Fitness disguised as fun!"
CrossBoards versus a longboard:
To explain the difference, we would need, to begin with, the ride. CrossBoard's will turn and carve much freer and are more maneuverable. The difference of wheels, bearings, and trucks allow for better roll speed, smoother, more enjoyable travel on flat ground with more stability. Using a land paddle means you can cruise for miles without ever having to kick your board -nonstop cruising and carving.
*Must try tip for the more advanced rider: we have been able to pump this board for miles without ever having to paddle or kick - like surfing a never ending wave!!

The wide deck allows for you to take a more forward facing SUP style stance to maximize your paddle stroke efficiency and turning leverage. Designed as the ideal balance of stability at higher speeds, smoothness, and performance through turns.
All of our decks are handmade right here in Eagle, ID USA using our blend of hardwoods chosen to create just the right flex pattern.

Magic: Equipped with some of the largest wheels on a board. We make our wheels using PU formula that's faster than anything else -there are no other wheels like it!  Incredibly smooth bearings spin these ultra-fast wheels - in fact - these are the same bearings that were used to set the downhill skateboard land speed record.
Our CrossBoard Free Flow trucks are the key to the insane turn-ability and carve-ability of all our boards. We chose this wheel, bearing, truck set-up because it's the closest feel to surfing on land or snowboarding on asphalt possible!

By combining this board with a land paddle, you have the perfect sidewalk surfing - Greenbelt cruising package at a great price!

Skill Level: Beginning Cruiser to Avid Racer


  • Length/ 53"
  • Width/ 16.5"


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