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Elysium - Expedition Race / Touring


$ 1,699.00

Elysium - "Gateway to your watery heaven!" on a paddle board.

Paddle Board Shaper:
Jason Zawadzki

"Elysium is a Greek place of peace and refuge, a Heaven of sorts. A place where only the most blessed mortals can go and enjoy their favorite muses and endeavors free from their concerns here on earth." - that's precisely what we are shooting for with this paddle board!!!

The Elysium
is ideal for any watery adventure.   Perfect for a peaceful paddle or an extreme Alaskan expedition. It's plenty fast enough to win flat water and open ocean races yet stable enough for paddle board fishing, and open ocean expeditions. This boards design yields the most long-distance speed and stability of any board in its class, especially in rougher conditions.

Crowd Favorite: This is a paddle board that cuts through rough water extremely well is surprisingly stable, glides efficiently and is extremely durable. 

First Impression: Stable yet fast, especially in slightly rough to even the harshest of open lake, open ocean water!   Durable!

We have taken the fastest aspects of displacement hull technology and combined them with the stability and quickness of traditional planing hull designs to create a hybrid design that is uniquely well performing in all water conditions. The spacious, slightly concave deck allows for the rider to move freely or relax without the worry of tripping on a cockpit or high deck rails yet allows for a slightly reduced center of gravity to maximize stability, performance and looks.

This paddle board transitions from displacement in the front third to planing in the rear with a balanced and magical transition area in between. This design is much more efficient than a traditional SUP shape in many ways and is truly the best of both worlds. The sharp piercing bow and rounded bottom of the front third is ideal for breaking water tension and slicing through flat to rough and choppy water. The rear half of the board with sharp rails, flat bottom, and full tail keep the board riding high, creates a fast parallel waterline and releases water as efficiently as possible maximizing glide and speed.  

The design of this board paired with our Armalight™ construction and a high-performance Carbon Fiber performance paddle you will have the fastest and best-built board package in all of the lands from here to your very own watery Heaven.

Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
Ideal Water Conditions: All around paddle board, Flat to Medium Swell or Chop, Lakes to Oceans and even Rivers. 


  • Vent/Handle System: FCS Built-in Handle with Self-Regulating Gore-Tex Vent
  • Fin System: Race/Touring Single Fin System
  • Traction: Custom Hydrus Traction Pad
  • Construction: USA Hand Made in Eagle Idaho. Proprietary Armalight Composite Construction with our Ultra-Lightweight Fusion EPS Foam Core


12'6" x 27 (278L, 27lbs), 12'6"x 29, 14'x25" (313L, 33lbs), 14'x27"


*All Armalight boards are lovingly hand-made in the USA.  Including cure times each board can take up to 30 days from shaping the foam to applying our signature matte finish.  So, a slight variance in weight and appearance is natural, i.e. each board has its very own "personality."  Individual board weights may vary +/- 3lbs. This variance will have no effect on performance. However, boards on the heavier end will be quite a bit more durable and may carry speed better in between paddle strokes.      

According to studies, a slightly textured surface relieves surface tension caused by the viscosity and cohesive nature of water molecules, allowing an object to move through more freely.   Our matte finish is devised to emulate high-tech military watercraft and to be the fastest surface texture possible. Plus, you must agree it looks pretty cool!

Buy one board to rule and outlast them all.
Function First Shapes FFS™ - We believe every feature of every shape should be functional and support the purpose of the product.  Beautiful aesthetics are the result of properly performing shapes, features and a well-executed plan.    Our products are built to potentially last a lifetime and outperform expectations.     FFS™ is part of our superior product, one board to rule outlast them all, and eco-initiatives.   If we can build a better board that potentially lasts a lifetime, is repair friendly, and out-performs all other in its particular class.   All the while being hand-made using technologically advanced, solvent free, minimal VOC and 95% recyclable materials, we are the leader in green board manufacturing.   We believe a key element of responsible outdoor product manufacturing is building a better product that lasts longer allowing consumers to ultimately consume less and get outside and play more!! 


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