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FunShui Paddle Board


$ 1,399.00

FunShui Flow and FunShui X

Jason Zawadzki

Developed during the Jin Dynasty, circa AD 250, Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. In theory, it is a way to control the observation of appearances through formulas and calculations. Feng Shui is one of the Five Arts of Chinese Metaphysics, classified as physiognomy. ~And you just thought it was just a good looking paddleboard that seemed to ride better -shame on you :) -That's the power of Qi baby (pronounced Ch'i).

At 11'2" long and 32" wide for the Flow or 34" wide for the X, the FunShui has been designed to be a bit longer, much faster and more fun to paddle than your standard recreational board. The length to width ratio, long and sleek waterlines, rail and rocker design all combine to allow for exceptional performance, a lot of stability, max paddle efficiency, and MAXIMUM FUN!

The FunShui
has it all, incredible performance from lakes to oceans, stability in all conditions and she's amazing to look. The sleek round pin shape is ideal for everyone from the family of recreational paddlers to the experienced SUP Yogi and paddleboard CrossFitter.  Designed for great paddling as well as extreme stability. As for speed: This boards' planing hull design will get up to speed extremely fast and excels in smooth to slightly choppy water conditions. It's a blast to paddle and even entirely suitable for recreational racers.

This board comes standard with an extra-large traction pad which is perfect for yoga, paddleboard CrossFit, and other activities. The Armalight™ construction will protect your investment and ensure that you'll have the best built and best-looking board for years to come, even if your kids decide to play bumper boats or chase ducks into rocks (it happens!!).

Be sure to pair it with one of our beautiful Tough Blade High-Performance Paddles for the highest quality, USA Made board package possible!

Skill Level: Beginner to Avid Paddler, Student to Master Yogi, Beginning to advanced SUP-Fit
Ideal Water Conditions: Flat to Medium Swell or Chop, Lakes to Oceans


  • Vent/Handle System: 2018 Models come with a custom Carbon Fiber Handle and Self-Regulating Gore-Tex Vent
  • Fin System: Durable Hydrus Plastic Fiber fin 
  • Traction: Extra Soft-Diamond Pattern, Extra-Large 7.5 foot EVA Deck Pad
  • Construction: USA Hand Made in Eagle Idaho. Proprietary Armalight Composite Construction with our Ultra-Fusion EPS Foam Core. 



32" (Flow) or 34" (X)

220 / 245L

WEIGHT LIMIT/ 240lbs / 275lbs

*All Armalight boards are lovingly hand-made in the USA.  Including cure times each board can take up to 30 days from shaping the foam to applying our signature matte finish.  So, a slight variance in weight and appearance is natural, i.e., each board has its very own "personality."  Individual board weights may vary +/- 3lbs. This variance will not affect performance. However, boards on the heavier end will be quite a bit more durable and may carry speed better in between paddle strokes.      

According to studies, a slightly textured surface relieves surface tension caused by the viscosity and cohesive nature of water molecules, allowing an object to move through more freely.   Our matte finish is devised to emulate high-tech military watercraft and to be the fastest surface texture possible. Plus, you must agree it looks cool!

Nothing is indestructible. Armalight boards are just better.  We could make an Armalight board bulletproof, but it would be far too heavy.  We aim for the perfect balance of durability and weight depending on the boards' purpose and the riders preference.    We can incorporate a certain mixture or formulation to make a boards outer shell thinner which in turn produces an extra lightweight board.  Or, we can prioritize durability and thicken the Armalight shell like we would for our hardcore downriver boards that end up bouncing off rocks.   

The most dangerous threats to any SUP include; kids jumping on boards on dry land, inexperienced users tightening hold-down straps way too tight and too much heat without a Heat Shield Board Cover.  

There may come a time when you crash into a rock or dock, or a kid jumps on your board while it's sitting on a sharp rock - we speak from experience.  You may end up having to perform a repair.  Unlike plastic, glass or carbon fiber Armalight repairs are not that difficult.  If you are a DIY type of person, you may even enjoy the process. If you are inexperienced with repairs or a repair virgin, please contact us, and we will ever so gently guide you through your first.  

Like all foam core boards, you need to be aware of too much heat.  EPS foam has a softening point of around 190F Degrees which is a temperature that can be reached if your board is left to "bake" in the sun uncovered.  Radiant heat from the top of a car, RV, the side of a metal building or asphalt road top can be especially dangerous.  We highly recommend an easy to use Heat Shield Board Cover.    Insulated board bags are okay, but they are expensive and more difficult to use, so they often go unused.  Board socks are not recommended because they can trap heat. 

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