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Joy Ride Inflatable SUP Pre-SALE


$ 845.00 $ 1,395.00

11" x 32" x 6"

Joy Ride All-Around ISUP 

Jason Zawadzki and Team

11.0 Hydrus All-Around iSUP is our Inflatable board that can pretty much do it all.

The length, width, outline shape and thick rails of this board make it extremely stable which is perfect for SUP beginners, yoga, fishing, family events and even some whitewater SUP riding!

The fast - flat bottom and long water-line make paddling this board at cruising speed a breeze!

From touring to fishing or hanging out at a lake with the family this board really excels plus it deflates down to the size of a large sleeping bag in less than a minute and inflates in less than five! Perfect for anyone who wants a portable board that conveniently stows away into a backpack in order to travel with you by foot, plane, train or automobile.


Our boards are factory pressure tested at 31psi, so you are more than safe using your board at the maximum recommended 20psi. 

Most riders choose between 10-15psi depending on the situation and personal preference.



Redesigned For 2018

  • New Composite Fiber "Low E" 2000D PVC shell.
  • Double welded interior seams.
  • High-Performance Rocker.
  • Large All-Around Board Shape focused on maximum glide.
  • 8 D-Ring Rigging points.
  • Diamond Groove 5mm EVA Deck Pad
  • Removable, Toolless, 9" Single Fin
  • Additional 4.5" Flexible River/Shallow water fin included.
  • Fixed Flexible Side Skegs.
  • Heavy Duty Hydrus Backpack With iSUP FLDR System.
  • Side and Center Handles.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 5-Year Industry Leading Warranty - New for 2018 models.


Length: 11'
Fully Inflated Width: 32″
Thickness: 6″


Pre-Sale Benefits

As a family operated small business; for the last three years we've used the cold winter months to focus on product re-designs, inventing new materials and building more inventory.  So, when summer comes we can keep up with the high demand.  It's during this time that we love to offer the lowest sale prices possible to those who can appreciate a great limited-time deal, and who can wait for spring delivery. 

This year, 2018, we anticipate all pre-sale iSUP deliveries by May. 

Hydrus Inflatable Difference

We take the extra time and effort to build our boards better.  From the materials we use, and the unique features that come with each board.  

We know that the difference between one premium board and another is all in the details.   With our 2018 iSUP's you can see and feel the difference right away. 

2018 iSUP Series: The most rigid and durable inflatable construction on the market.  It's a bold statement but we haven't found a rival. 

  • New Basalt Fiber "Low E" 2000D PVC shell.
  • Double welded interior seams.
  • A hand applied, inter-layer abrasion resistant coating that adds 3x more durability.  
  • Performance shapes based on riding style. -Not your typical "cookie cutter" boards.
  • New Automatic Fin System.   No tools required or screws to lose.   The easiest fin system on the planet.
  • Polymer+Glass Automatic Race Keel Fin.  Sheds weeds, lessens impact with rocks and shore. Goes really fast and efficient. 
  • Tie-down, D-rings all over.  We spent way too much time desinging every detail. 
  • Rider Tested!  Your board is designed by people who ride nearly every day. We add features and fuctionality that makes riding more enjoyable. We make sure the rocker and outlines of each board are just the way we want them.  We put in the extra time to deliver the best board we can every single time.  -Most iSUP companies can't say that.
  • 5-Year Industry Leading Warranty.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 2% of all profits go towards supporting our lakes, rivers and forests through foundations like American Whitewater and Outdoor Outreach. 

Benefits of an iSUP / What to look for

The advantages of an iSUP:

  • Easy to bring your board with you. 
  • No need for roof racks or extra storage.

Don't go cheap just to save a buck. There can be a big difference in quality standards!

What to look for in an iSUP:

A quality board can be inflated to a much higher pressure, the materials will be higher quality, more durable and lower stretch.  All of which can prevent seams from blowing out, holes from appearing and the dreaded "taco-ing" which is where the riders feet actually push the center of a low quality board underwater causing the ends to go raise into the air. 

Your new Hydrus board is factory pressure tested to 31psi.  It is common for seams to fail on cheap boards and they rarely last over two seasons. 

What's included with this package?

  • Board.
  • Mothership iSUP Backpack.
  • iSUP FLDR System.
  • 2 Center fin options: 1-high-performance flat-water fin. 1-flexible river/shallow water fin.
  • High Volume Triple Action Pump. (Freedom iSUP models and iSURFBoards include a Hydrus double action pump).
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 5-Year Industry Leading Warranty.

Our Mantra

Hydrus was born from the idea to build boards that create the best user experience possible for the riding styles that we are passionate about ourselves.  

Our shaping and design style has always been high-performance durability with no waste, unnecessary frills or pointless features.  

We are devoted to delivering maximum value to your investment with the most open and helpful customer service possible!  No cutting corners and no customer left behind.

In 2013, we set out to build a few boards out of a small shop in Eagle, Idaho for ourselves to take down some of Idaho's whitewater rivers. It wasn't long until we had a list of friends and family who wanted us to build them boards as well. 

We realized that if we set up our shop, invented our technologies and became as efficient as possible, then we could deliver our high-quality boards at even better prices.  Thus, Hydrus was born.

Today our commitment is to continue building boards the way we always have and to always take care of those who take care of us!  

Even though our material costs are higher, below are the key reasons our prices are still right in your wheelhouse. 
•We use our own technologies.
•We keep our overhead low.
•We utilize small business efficiency, run as clean as possible and have very little waste.
•We maintain a low marketing budget and rely on referrals and positive reviews.
•We pass the savings on to you.

If we can help each other, we like to say, everyone gets the "friends and family" price.   More people get to own better boards and our community and the sports we love grow stronger.



30-Day Guarantee

The only way you are going to get to truly appreciate the love and care we put into our products is to try them out for yourself! 

If your buy one of our boards or other gear and it doesn't noticably make your life better in some way or if you aren't completely satisfied with the craftsmanship and performance, we will help you ship it back and give you 100% of your money back - just a thanks for giving it a shot! 

So long as the item purchased doesn't show abnormal signs of wear and tear, and it's within 30-days of your purchase receipt and/or delievery reciept, we will offer you the choice of a 100% refund or 110% in-store credit towards a different product of your choice.


Outside of the United States and certain territories of Canada, we are unable to cover return shipping due to prohibitive costs.  Hydrus will always work with customers in any region to ensure that the board they recieve is free of defect and shipping damage.  

*Custom boards and other products may not apply.  *See terms or contact us for full details.  



Financing Option

We are an approved PayPal Credit Merchant. Check out with PayPal and choose the credit option.

"No Payments + no interest if paid in 6 months, on purchases over $99....."

iSUP Care and Maintanence

A good quality inflatable board can be relatively easy to care for and a little care can extend the life of your board by many years.   We build Hydrus boards to ideally last a lifetime.

Deflate to less than 10psi before leaving in the hot sun for extended periods of time.  We have tested this and found that leaving a board in the hot sun can inflate by an extra 7psi which could be dangerous if the board was already close to the maximum recomended pressure.

Over time UV rays will naturally discolor and slowly deteriorate most substrates like foam traction pads, bungee cords and PVC materials.   Normal use in the sun is obviously fine but avoid uneccasarily storing a board in direct sunlight for long periods of time such as all day or several days at a time.    We use a product called 303 Aerospace UV Protectant.  Spay and wipe a little all over your board once or twice a year for maximum protection.  -We have found this to be especially helpful for keeping your traction pad looking brand new for years to come. 

Winterizing: We recomend a light coat of 303 Protectant Spray before putting your board to bed for winter, then store partially inflated or loosly rolled or folded.   You can simply remove the belt from around your board then use the pump to inflate until you no longer can see hard creases or folds.   It doesn't take much to get the hard creases out maybe 5-10 full pumps or so. 

Repairs: The shell material of a high quality iSUP can be really durable but punctures can happen from hitting really sharp rocks, nails in docks, or even those obnoxius puncture vines aka: goatheads and other really sharp thorns.   There is a chance that eventually you will need to perform a repair.   We include a repair kit with every board along with simple instructions.   For your first repair please feel more than welcome to contact us and we'll guide you through the process.  


5 Year iSUP Warranty

The toughest, most functional boards on water - all back by our 5 year warranty and 30 day Try it Guarantee! 

From the get-go we wanted to build a business that has a positive impact on the world.   Part of that is building the best products we can with no gimmicks or shortcuts and then treating customers fairly.  It’s treating customers fairly when it comes to price, it’s treating customers fairly when it comes to customer service and it's standing behind our products to take care of the people who take care of us.       


No Gimmicks -Straight-up great boards and great gear that we can all be proud of for years to come!


Starting in 2018, we are making the commitment to offer an industry-leading, five-year warranty covering EVERYTHING outside of normal wear and tear. 

*Damage due to misuse or negligence is not covered so please utilize common sense and pay attention to basic care and maintenance.  Five-Year period starts from the date of purchase.  Contact us at for other warranty questions.  


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