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Mad Max Elite Race


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MAD MAX Elite Race Paddle Board

"Incredible speed and stability, perfect balance, high-performance all-water.  From down winding to flat water racing, Carbon-Armalight Hybrid Technology, Made in the USA!"  anything else needed??

Jason Zawadzki

With a lot of help and feedback from several high-level SUP racers, we took certain aspects of our popular Elysium model and made the Mad Max a little lighter and quicker. 

As told by Jason Zawadzki:  Early 2016, I was approached by racers Joe Threadgil and Brett Saquid to make an elite race board that would compete with the fastest boards in the world out of our proprietary Armalight.    My first response was the truth that I didn't know if we could do it.  I knew our boards were more durable than any other high-performance board construction in the world and that riders were loving our river and recreational boards.  I knew that our Elysium model was fast, but to make a board that was even lighter and as fast as any other paddle board in the world was a lot of pressure and an enormous task.   Brett and Joe had faith, and they pushed the points that the ultralight boards seemed to be a dying fad and that people realized that ultra-light carbon fiber also means ultra-fragile and ultra-expensive and doesn't necessarily mean a faster board -especially if there is any wind or roughness to the water.   So, the first thing I did was hit the books and researched for weeks studying the fastest race kayaks, boats, underwater ballistic missiles and of course other race boards. 

We started building and testing prototype after prototype until we got it just right.  Shaping an elite race board is extremely technical because every little detail counts and there are so many variables that you have to consider.  For example; you can have a board paddled with the same amount of effort, over a  3, 5 or 11-mile race the small difference of 30 seconds could mean the huge difference between a 1st place or 7th place finish.  

What we came up with is what we call our Mad Max Elite Racer.   The name came easy - it goes hand in hand with our rugged Armalight construction.   We joked that, because of its inherent durability, you could run other racers right off the race course.   The shape is as unique as everything else that we do around here.  We stole our hybrid displacement/planing hull design from our Elysium but put more of an emphasis on channeling water down the entire length of the board versus allowing it to be pushed or displaced off the rails at all.  Then we used carbon fiber to stiffen certain areas and give an ideal flex pattern and weight.  Finally, our work resulted in a board that rides very high in the water especially at higher race speeds and a board time-tested faster than any other board we tried in all conditions tested, especially on sprints.   It performs extremely well in flat water, open ocean, and downwind conditions.   For a stronger paddler, meaning a rider who is paddling to win a race, we are convinced this board is the fastest board we can build.      


Skill Level: Intermediate to Pro
Ideal Water Conditions: All-water Race Board 


  • Vent/Handle System: FCS Built-in Handle with Self-Regulating Gore-Tex Vent
  • Fin System: Race Single Fin System
  • Traction: Custom Hydrus Traction Pad
  • Construction: USA Hand Made. Carbon Fiber/Armalight Hybrid construction with an Ultra - Lightweight fused EPS Foam Core


12'6" x 26 (300L, 28.5lbs), 14'x22" (278L, 28lbs), 14'x24 (29.5lbs)"


*All Armalight boards are lovingly hand-made in the USA.  Including cure times each board can take up to 30 days from shaping the foam to applying our signature matte finish.  So, a slight variance in weight and appearance is natural, i.e. each board has its very own "personality."  Individual board weights may vary +/- 3lbs. This variance will have no effect on performance. However, boards on the heavier end will be quite a bit more durable and may carry speed better in between paddle strokes.      

According to studies, a slightly textured surface relieves surface tension caused by the viscosity and cohesive nature of water molecules, allowing an object to move through more freely.   Our matte finish is devised to emulate high-tech military watercraft and to be the fastest surface texture possible. Plus, you must agree it looks pretty cool!

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