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Paradise, Adventure Inflatable SUP


$ 1,395.00

12'6" x 31" x 6"

Paradise Inflatable SUP (iSUP)

Jason Zawadzki

The extremely stable yet fast shape makes this board the most versatile iSUP on the planet.

It's great for everything from playing around on a lake or pond with family and friends to fitness, CrossFit workouts, river paddling, recreational racing, and even SUP Yoga.  

An easy to paddle board that conveniently stows away into the included Backpack. Folds up to travel with you either by foot, a car's trunk, a plane, bus, or boat to whatever watery destination your heart desires.

The sleek shape and long waterlines cut through the water with maximum efficiency, while the extreme buoyancy and great width make it stable enough even for beginners. 

The incomparable advantages of an iSUP

  • Easily bring your favorite paddle board with you.
  • No need for roof racks or extra garage storage.

Don't go cheap, off-brand, just to save a buck! There is a big difference between a quality ISUP vs. a cheaply built one...  Bad boards can be bad for you and for our sport! 

The Hydrus Community Cooperative (HYCO)

So many make the mistake and purchase a board they are unhappy with because they either couldn't afford a premium board or they didn't know the difference. We have figured out a way to solve this problem and we call it the Hydrus Community Cooperative. 

Our new way of business is definitely rebellious in nature and many have called it crazy because it involves a lot of help from our community and it comes with big promises. 

We are in this together. One of the largest costs for any brand is ads, marketing, and overly inflated retail markups, all of which drastically increase your purchase price making it hard for good people to buy good products.

We made the choice to build the best products and provide the best service and then rely almost entirely on word-of-mouth and our community spreading the word.  If we can help each other in this way everyone gets the friends and family price, the "bro deal", the "hook-up".   If we succeed more people get to own better boards and our community and sport become stronger and stronger.    The whitewater community gets stronger, the SUP race community, the SUP Yoga Community, the CrossFit Community, the River Surf community and the local stores that provide great services to us all - we all become stronger and healthier together.   

Our try it. love it. Promise  

You get 30 days from the date of your order to try out any of the products you've purchased. If it’s not a perfect fit, you can return it for a full refund, less the best-negotiated shipping fee we can get you.  


What an iSUP must have:

Due to the difference of materials used in the construction of a high-quality board versus a cheap board, a quality board can be inflated to a much higher pressure, which means the board performs better and the seams won't blow apart. Your new Hydrus board is factory pressure tested to 31psi.  Overkill? I think not...  Seams can fail on cheap boards at 10psi and they rarely last over two seasons -  Always look for a board that is capable of inflation to at least 30psi - even if you don't inflate your board nearly as high as 31psi higher pressure rating is a testament of quality and will ensure that you're not maxing your iSUP out every time you use it.   

If the board has poor quality materials Plus, you'll have stability issues and it will be slow in the water because your feet will be pushing down the middle of the board (called "taco-ing").  Don't get stuck with a board that "taco's"!   

The other major consideration is making sure not to buy a board that's too short.  Anything less than 11'



All Hydrus ISUP's are factory pressure tested at 31psi.  Because of the higher quality materials used in construction, our boards are naturally stiffer at lower pressures so normally a rider will inflate between 10psi-15psi depending on conditions and personal preference.

A maximum pressure of 18psi is all that would ever generally be necessary for a Hydrus ISUP.   Most riders choose between 10-15psi depending on personal preference.


  • Extra Large and Extra Soft Deck Pad 
  • Front Bungees for life jacket or other gear
  • Large D-Rings fore and aft 
  • Right and Left Side Handles for whitewater in addition to the standard center carry handle 
  • Repair Kit
  • Removable single fin
  • Ultra Premium Board Bag


Length: 12’6″
Fully Inflated Width: 31″
Thickness: 6″

WEIGHT LIMIT/ 350lbs+.

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