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Paradise, Adventure Inflatable SUP


$ 1,395.00

12'6" x 31" x 6"

Paradise Race/Adventure Inflatable SUP (ISUP)

Jason Zawadzki

The Hydrus Paradise Race/Adventure ISUP -
Helium Series is our Inflatable Touring/Race Board. The extremely stable yet fast Shape is Ideal for the avid racer to recreational paddler and adventurer who wants a portable, extremely easy to paddle and highly efficient board that conveniently stows away into a backpack in order to travel with you either on a hike by foot, a car's trunk, a plane, bus, boat or cruise ship to whatever watery destination your heart desires. The sleek shape and long waterlines cut through the water with maximum efficiency, while the extreme buoyancy and moderate width make it extremely stable. Given the stability, this board is just as capable of SUP Yoga or SUPX (CrossFit on a paddle board) as any other board but with the added bonus that it is also an absolute dream to paddle!

***High-Quality vs. Low-Quality Paddle Boards: Don't go cheap, just to save a buck, especially when it comes to an inflatable!! There is a big difference between a quality ISUP vs. a cheaply built one...***   If you would like for your new board to last more than just one to three years like ours do you need interior welded seams versus cheaply glued seams.    We are one of only a few brands in the world that actually heat welds our seams and the only that has a triple reinforced fusion welded seam!  Everyone knows glue ages and becomes brittle over time.   Especially if subjected to heat, sun and frequent movement.   This is why most ISUP's are known to fall apart and only last a short time.   This is why a Hydrus board could last you a lifetime!  Also, if you want a board to bounce off rocks and stand up to the rigors kids will put them through, versus tearing you need a better shell material than what cheap boards offer.  

  • Bring your favorite paddle board with you on vacation anywhere there is water!!!!
  • No need for roof racks or extra garage storage!
  • As stiff and more stable and 10x more durable than an epoxy board or any other ISUP board.
A high-quality inflatable SUP is more durable, lightweight, and generally much less expensive than any decent quality epoxy/fiberglass board and even comparable in durability to our Armalight™ boards. 

We use an extremely rigid, new technology, double drop stitch core material and extra reinforce your board with a military grade shell that allows for ultra-high pressure which keeps our inflatable SUP's extremely rigid, buoyant and stable! The exterior shell is the same stuff used to make those hard-core whitewater rafts, so you know it's going to hold up even if your kids decide to chase Sea Gulls into rocks.

Yes, we had to call it our Helium Series so we could print "Helium" on the side rail. It makes us smile every time someone asks us if these boards are filled with helium! Plus, considering its large volume and extreme buoyancy these boards are extremely light. As if they were truly filled with Helium!

High Quality vs. Low-Quality Paddle Board:

Don't go cheap especially when it comes to an inflatable!! ...There is a big difference between a quality ISUP vs. a cheaply built one. Due to the difference of materials used in the construction of a high-quality board versus a cheap board, a quality board can be inflated to a much higher pressure, ours are capable of 31psi.  Seams can fail on cheap boards at 10psi and they rarely last over a single season - whereas ours could last a lifetime!  Always look for a board that is capable of inflation to at least 30psi - even if you don't inflate your board quite this high during use a higher pressure rating is a testament of quality. ...and don't go cheap just to save a buck because it won't last, you'll have major stability issues and it will be slow in the water because your feet will be pushing down the middle of the board. You may have seen cheap inflatables fold or buckle in the middle (called "taco-ing") under the feet of the rider.

Skill Level: Beginner to Pro and everyone in between!
Ideal Water Conditions: All around board, Flat to Medium Swell or Chop, Lakes to Oceans to Rivers


All Hydrus ISUP's are factory pressure tested at 31psi.  Because of the higher quality materials used in construction, our boards are naturally stiffer at lower pressures so normally a rider will inflate between 10psi-15psi depending on conditions and personal preference.

A maximum pressure of 18psi is all that would ever generally be necessary for a Hydrus ISUP.   Most riders choose between 10-15psi depending on personal preference.


  • Leafield D7 high-performance valve.  Not your typical ISUP valve.
  • Extra Large and Extra Soft Deck Pad 
  • Valve Wrench
  • Front Bungees for life jacket or other gear
  • Large D-Rings fore and aft for anchor lines or mooring to a dock
  • Right and Left Side Handles for whitewater in addition to the standard center carry handle 
  • Repair Kit
  • Tri-Fin set up with a removable center fin for whitewater running and storing. 
  • Backpack Style Carrying Bag "Bag Lovers Board Bag"
  • Rigid Double Drop stitch & Double All-Around Zodiac Grade PVC Reinforcement


Length: 12’6″
Fully Inflated Width: 31″
Thickness: 6″

WEIGHT LIMIT/ 350lbs+.

Be Sure to Add a 3-piece Tough Blade High-Performance paddle to Your Order!

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