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We developed Armalight™ so we could build the worlds best boards. Boards built for extreme durability and unparalleled performance, from your local pond to the wildest rivers and the biggest waves.

Help Launch The Toughest Paddle Boards on the Planet!

Indestructible boards handmade right here in the USA in what's possibly the world's greenest board factory! What more could you ask for?

Our Vision

Here at Hydrus, we are quite literally reinventing the way recreational boards are made. We knew our hard boards had to be lightweight yet stronger than anything else on the market, and they had to be constructed of the most environmentally friendly products we could find. We are committed to building in the most responsible, ethical, and thoughtful way possible, which means not using toxic paint or foams, no plastic, bad resins, or other harmful materials!

In our search for balance with environmental responsibility and an exceptional product, we tested over a hundred different types of resins, adhesives, and core materials; including aerospace and military composites. It took us nearly 4 years and three product generations to get it perfect, but damn, the end result is worth it! Built out of our shop in Eagle, Idaho, our Armalight boards are virtually indestructible, ensuring that it will be around for season after season of adventures!

We aim to change the way boards are made and sold, but we won’t stop there. Being a small business allows us to focus our efforts on exceptional customer service, ensuring you have the best possible experience with Hydrus on and off the water.

Why Back Hydrus?

Approximately 95% of all paddle boards are made outside of North America. However, most paddle board purchases happen right here in the United States. Not only do these boards rack up a hefty carbon footprint, traveling more miles during shipment than most will ever cover on water, but they are also made in low cost factories which provide poor standards of living for their employees, employ substandard environmental policies and have little to no quality control. Hydrus is taking a different approach. Ran by a handful of craftsmen and craftswomen that are treated like family, we are dedicated to creating our hardboards right here, negating the need for excessive shipping and ensuring we have full control over the quality of our finished products.

We aim to storm into the outdoor market and set a new precedent in responsible manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Our boards turned out better than we could have ever dreamed, setting the standard for quality the world over. Oh, and they are quite possibly the sexiest boards we have ever seen!

Every Hydrus board is designed, engineered, and built with a lifetime of use in mind. That’s a lot of memories! So now that the really hard part is done, we need your help in getting more Hydrus boards on the water! With a successful Kickstarter campaign we can expand our production facility and bring to life the dream of an American made, world class board; and bring those boards to you at once in a lifetime pricing!

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Do you love clear, blue water?

Support Entreprenereurship and the Environment

I realize while marketing your brand to the Kickstarter community, that this could come off as a strong message but I figure there is no use in "beating around the bush" so here it goes... If you appreciate our planet and all its glorious waterways as we do then you're sure to appreciate the fact that in the hypocritical world we live in of which roughly 98% of paddle boards and surf boards purchased in the USA are built in other countries with inexcusably poor economics, human rights, labor and environmental laws. To put it bluntly, every time a board is made ignoring the environment the purchaser of such board is supporting the detriment of the very world and waterways in which that board is used. When you consider that 10's of thousands of boards are made and sold every year the unnecessary devastation really adds up. Wouldn't it be better to support a company that tries as hard as it can to help our planet instead of hurting it little by little with every board made? Doing our part: "...We are not saying we're perfect, and we understand that it is competitive and difficult, but we can confidently say we are trying and we are consistently heading the right direction.

By way of ingenuity and innovation we produce everything we can right here in the U.S.A. and we're confident that before too long we'll be able to say that everything we make and sell down to the last screw will be made in the USA, even the products that other companies say are "impossible". Our hard working crew gets paid in real money and we get treated like real human beings (even though some of us are a bit questionable). We only use the most Eco-friendly materials and refuse to use harmful resins, automotive paints or solvents with VOC's, i.e., the "gloss coat" and paint job for nearly every other brands fiberglass, Innegra, plastic or carbon fiber boards. What's more is that our boards are built to last a lifetime and will more than likely never see an overcrowded landfill! We are proof that even though it is more work and it costs more money to build boards this way IT CAN BE DONE! More companies should follow suit or at least give it an honest try, and more board riders and purchasers should be aware! We also donate 10% of all profit back to the world by way of various charities and research foundations with a major focus on caring for and educating displaced children. ~Children are our future!

Thank You!