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Elite Racer - 100% Carbon Fiber Paddle

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100% Carbon Fiber Paddle

Bring to a lake, ocean or river near you our "No Compromise", 100% Carbon fiber paddle. We use a hollow core technology to do away with the cheap foam core and we can use the weight savings to add more layers of high strength carbon resulting in a much stronger and better performing carbon fiber paddle that's also extremely buoyant. Plus, they are downright beautiful with the thick weave pattern on the blade and the carbon twill on the shafts and handles.

The Hydrus difference: We all know that high quality 100% carbon fiber is the best possible material for a paddle, that's pretty much undisputed. This is because carbon fiber has the highest possible strength to weight ratio and the best possible flex characteristics meaning it stores energy and releases at the last stage of the paddle stroke actually propelling the rider forward. You might not have realized that most "carbon fiber" SUP paddles are not really 100% carbon, even a lot of the really expensive ones. Carbon Fiber is an expensive material so to shave manufacturing costs most are made with only a layer or two of actual carbon over top of much cheaper fiberglass then molded around a foam core. Such a thin layer of carbon is the reason why these types of expensive paddles are known to be so fragile. Generally, it's a trade-off between strength, weight, price and performance. Not so with Hydrus Board Tech, as is the case with all of our boards, paddles and accessories – you get it all with “No Compromise”!

It's a bad day when you break a $400 carbon fiber SUP paddle... Via technology, we make them much stronger and with our beautiful, glossy 12k woven carbon fiber blade with a 3k woven carbon fiber shaft these might just be the most drop dead gorgeous paddles you’ve ever seen too!

  • For our Adjustable models our "Anti-Twist" Dual Compression-Lever Adjustable System allows for quick adjustments based on rider height, riding style and personal preference.
  • Our blade shape is engineered to have the perfect angels, catch and curves for the most efficient stroke and smoothest paddle release possible.
  • Blade size is medium to large compared to other companies blades... We advocate the theory that smaller blades take more paddle strokes to pull the same exact amount of water. Therefore demanding more strokes and wasted energy. We prefer fast and efficient, so we have found this paddles size and shape to be perfect for nearly all paddlers especially those who want to go fast!


Skill Level: Beginner to Pro



❯ Beautiful, glossy 12k woven carbon fiber blade with a 3k woven carbon fiber shaft and handle to give our ultra high quality paddles a unique and beautiful look.
❯ (Adjustable models) A Dual Compression-Lever system allows for full adjust-ability to accommodate a riders height of between 4'9" to 6'7".
❯ Ultra Efficient blade size and shape
❯ 100% high quality - high rebound carbon fiber
❯ High strength Hollow Core Technology, which allows for more high strength carbon fiber to be used instead of a foam core.
❯ 3 piece construction allows the paddle to break down to only 3 feet in length in order to easily stow inside a car or backpack (perfect for Inflatable SUPS)

  • A fixed paddle shaft is ideal for someone who knows their length, is serious about maximum performance and who doesn't want to share :).
  • A 3-piece paddle system is perfect for an inflatable paddle board where maximum portability is desired. Designed to stow away perfectly inside of our ISUP carry case.
  • A 2pc adjustable paddle is ideal for someone who may end up sharing their paddle with family or friends of different sizes or who like to adjust their paddle length according to their style of riding, i.e. whitewater versus flat, sprints versus distance.

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