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Pocket Rocket

$ 1,549.00

11' x 31"

Pocket Rocket

Down-winding SUP, Whitewater Racing SUP, and Flat Water Touring.

Built for max speed and stability at a mere 11'. Modeled after our 12.6 and 14' race class paddle boards but with much more compact and stable dimensions.

Jason Zawadzki

Introducing the Pocket Rocket! The most versatile board in our entire lineup. Down-winding, Whitewater Racing, and Flat Water Touring. One of the fastest boards there is at only 11' in length. Limited to 11' so it fits into the whitewater river race class. The Pocket Rocket is the board of choice for the GoPro Games the Payette River Games and all other downriver race events from SUP-Cross to slalom.

Plus the shorter length makes it such a convenient size for the everyday, recreational watery adventure.

The speed, full tail, bottom surface area and an aggressively high volume bow make this board a blast in down-winding and surfing swells. ...And what a treat if you ever get to surf behind a stern wheel!!

A lot of downwind SUP instructors in the Hood River area use this board to teach their students. They swear this board is perfect!


USA Hand Made in Eagle Idaho. Proprietary Armalight™ Composite Construction with an Ultra Lightweight Fused EPS Foam Core





*All Armalight boards are lovingly hand-made in the USA.  Including cure times each board can take up to 30 days from shaping the foam to applying our signature matte finish.  So, a slight variance in weight and appearance is natural, i.e. each board has its very own "personality."  Individual board weights may vary +/- 3lbs. This variance will have no effect on performance. However, boards on the heavier end will be quite a bit more durable and may carry speed better in between paddle strokes.      

According to studies, a slightly textured surface relieves surface tension caused by the viscosity and cohesive nature of water molecules, allowing an object to move through more freely.   Our matte finish is devised to emulate high-tech military watercraft and to be the fastest surface texture possible. Plus, you must agree it looks pretty cool!

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