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Shilo Surfboard

$ 735.00

Shilo - River / Wake Surf

The perfect River Surf board for beginners to advanced riders!  With all the style that's expected from Hydrus...   Oh yeah, and one other thing... Armalight won't get hurt on rocks like all other performance boards ;)

Jason Zawadzki
Nick Zawadzki

Chill out and have fun versus worrying about your expensive fiberglass board completely breaking on your very next epic fall!

Generally speaking, river surf boards come as a paradoxical "catch 22" situation.  If it's high performance you're scared to ride it because it's fragile and will break on rocks.  If it's durable its generally a slug with no performance at all (soft-top, plastic board ).   Wrong-O we say (no we don't).    Our river surf boards, you can have your cake and eat it too!   ...High performing, lightweight and really durable all packaged up nice and neat in classic ultra-functional Hydrus style!!

Hydrus Short board Surf Guide:  Compared to the SHiLo and Hyper the Torpedo has a more traditional front outline which is said by some riders to be a little more performance.    Because of the different nose shapes the SHiLo and Hyper both have very parallel outlines for such short boards, which allows for more bottom surface area and more overall speed.   Otherwise, the Torpedo, SHiLo and Hyper are very similar boards with the same lengths, widths, rails, bottom contours, tail widths, etc.    The PB&J and X-Wing models are for more advanced, smaller riders, and/or faster waves.    Give us a call or write us an email or use our contact form if you need more help choosing which is right for you!


USA Hand Made in Eagle Idaho. Proprietary Armalight Composite Construction with an Ultra Lightweight Fused EPS Foam Core

5'1" or 5'8"



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