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Teton Powder Surfer - Snow Surfboard

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We build surfboards, yet all winter long our Idaho mountains are covered in glorious snow. We definitely built this one for ourselves.  

We built our first Powder Surfer three years ago, right here in our surfboard factory in Eagle, Idaho.  People would see us carving up the foothills and local mountains after snow storms and ask if we could build them one.  Almost overnight these handmade boards became a hit. So, every winter since we build a limited number of these gems and offer them up to the first customers to grab them. 

The work that goes in:

These boards are as handmade as they can be so each one turns out a little unique.  

We use a lot of the same resins, fiberglass, and carbon fiber that we use for our surfboards.   STEPS: Cut the outline of the deck then we hand laminate the several layers of Russian birch and fiberglass, roll and cure the carbon rods, place the honeycomb inserts, set the binding and leash inserts, press the deck, sand, hand laminate the fiberglass composite top and base onto the deck, gloss coat, sand some more, cut and adhere the traction pad, test the strength and flex, package it all up then send it out the door to you!   

Sandwich Construction:

We laminate layers Russian Birch into a sandwich of fiberglass, a lightweight honeycomb material, and carbon fiber rods.   This sandwich gives us the exact flex, weight, and performance that we are looking for.  Strong, lightweight and always nice and snappy!   

We have a little bit of a secret recipe for the base.  We developed a composite layer that has an extremely low coefficient of friction and is hard and durable.  We also take a little extra time to slightly texture the base by hand.   A slightly textured base versus a perfectly smooth surface slides better and is faster.

Using the boot clips or snowboard binding are completely optional, we generally ride with nothing holding our feet to the board but the clips or bindings can be awesome if you're catching airs or going through some extra tricky terrain.   There is no right or wrong way to ride this thing - so ENJOY!   But remember, Powder Only!  Don't go tearing down ice, or hard packed runs - Keep it in the fluffy stuff!!   

Included with the board: Traction Pad, Boot Cips, Mounting Hardware and 9' Coil Surf Leash. 

  • BOOT CLIPS - To mix it up a bit and to provide you more options we came up with optional boot clips that can be easily installed or taken off depending on the terrain, snow conditions, and personal preference. 
  • HARDWARE - We use 6mm x 12mm mount screw with wavy washers to mount the boot clips and snowboard bindings (included with the board).  For the leash, we'll  use the same setup.


Board Care and Maintenance 

The base is made with some really durable materials, but down the road, if you feel as though your Powder Surfer is slowing down because of scratches and scuffs made from hard riding we sometimes like to use rub on snowboard/ski wax.   Since you're only using this board in the powder rub on wax won't get worn off as fast as it would on a snowboard or skis and should easily last all day.  

The wood shouldn't need much maintenance however if you are concerned about a ding or deep scratch getting wet you may use an epoxy resin or water shield type of stain or wood sealer.

If you need replacement hardware, the mounting hardware included with your board are 6mm x 12mm screws with wavy washers.  Most hardware stores including Home Depot and Lowes should carry these sizes.

Our Mantra

Hydrus was born from the idea to build boards that create the best user experience possible for the riding styles that we are passionate about ourselves.  

Our shaping and design style has always been high-performance durability with no waste, unnecessary frills or pointless features.  

We are devoted to delivering maximum value to your investment with the most open and helpful customer service possible!  No cutting corners and no customer left behind.

In 2013, we set out to build a few boards out of a small shop in Eagle, Idaho for ourselves to take down some of Idaho's whitewater rivers. It wasn't long until we had a list of friends and family who wanted us to build them boards as well. 

We realized that if we set up our shop, invented our technologies and became as efficient as possible, then we could deliver our high-quality boards at even better prices.  Thus, Hydrus was born.

Today our commitment is to continue building boards the way we always have and to always take care of those who take care of us!  

Even though our material costs are higher, below are the key reasons our prices are still right in your wheelhouse. 
•We use our own technologies.
•We keep our overhead low.
•We utilize small business efficiency, run as clean as possible and have very little waste.
•We maintain a low marketing budget and rely on referrals and positive reviews.
•We pass the savings on to you.

If we can help each other, we like to say, everyone gets the "friends and family" price.   More people get to own better boards and our community and the sports we love grow stronger.



30-Day Guarantee

The only way you are going to get to truly appreciate the love and care we put into our products is to try them out for yourself! 

If your buy one of our boards or other gear and it doesn't noticably make your life better in some way or if you aren't completely satisfied with the craftsmanship and performance, we will help you ship it back and give you 100% of your money back - just a thanks for giving it a shot! 

So long as the item purchased doesn't show abnormal signs of wear and tear, and it's within 30-days of your purchase receipt and/or delievery reciept, we will offer you the choice of a 100% refund or 110% in-store credit towards a different product of your choice.


Outside of the United States and certain territories of Canada, we are unable to cover return shipping due to prohibitive costs.  Hydrus will always work with customers in any region to ensure that the board they recieve is free of defect and shipping damage.  

*Custom boards and other products may not apply.  *See terms or contact us for full details.  



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"No Payments + no interest if paid in 6 months, on purchases over $99....."

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