Demo Center Perks, Rules & Enrollment

Brand Ambassador / Demo Centers

At Hydrus, we're doing more than just crafting the world's most durable and high-performing paddleboards; we're building a movement. With the launch of our revamped Brand Ambassador Program and our new Affiliate Program for Demo Centers, we're inviting you to be an integral part of our exciting journey forward. Our mission is to foster a close-knit, empowered community of paddleboard enthusiasts, renters, and clinic providers who champion not just Hydrus but the sport itself. Together, we'll share the incredible benefits of paddleboarding, from the individual thrill to the power of communal experiences on the water. By joining us, you're investing in a lifestyle, a community, and a vision of paddleboarding that enriches lives and natural landscapes alike. This is what we are building. Join us.

For Demo Centers:

Financial Benefits:

  • Direct Sales Commission:

    Earn a 12% commission on every sale that you directly influence.

  • Secondary Commission:

    If a customer you've referred becomes a Hydrus Brand Ambassador and makes any number of referral sales using their referral/discount code, you receive a 7% commission on all those sales.

Additional Benefits:

  • New Revenue Stream:

    Open up a new avenue for income.

  • Marketing Support:

    Leverage our extensive online ad, retargeting, and SEO strategies to boost your business. Plus, receive on-site sales materials to enhance your local marketing efforts.

  • Exclusive Pricing:

    Access below-wholesale prices on Hydrus 'demo' gear, including boards, paddles, pumps, and other high-quality equipment. Plus, be the first to get your hands on and test new prototypes and other near apparel and other gear.

How it All Connects:

  1. Demo Center refers a customer to Hydrus.
    • The Demo Center earns a 12% commission if this customer purchases a Hydrus board.
  2. New Sale through Referral.
    • The original Demo Center that referred the original customer, who referred another customer to Hydrus, receives a secondary commission as a 'thank you' for initiating the customer journey.

Key Benefits:

  • Demo Centers: Get incentivized for the initial sale and for fostering new community members.
  • Customers: Benefit from well-informed advice and reviews, increasing trust and brand loyalty.

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