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Inflatable Boards

Small-Batch Builders of the most durable - high-performing Inflatable Boards.  We build inflatable paddleboards that can travel with you anywhere, hold up to the most rugged demands, and last a lifetime.  We use better materials, better construction techniques, and we pay close attention to the smallest details.   Our attention to quality and detail is what sets our boards apart from all the others.   "You can find cheaper, but you can't find better!!" Our 2020 JoyRide and Paradise models have won the hearts of many paddlers. 


~All Hydrus iSUP's are backed by a Lifetime Warranty and include several accessories such as multiple fin options and premium backpacks and pumps.   


"Simply the best iSUP on the market. I've been getting extensive use out of my paddleboard over the past few days. It was a huge switch from another cheaper paddleboard. But it was most noticeable when I went back to use my other cheaper iSUP that I could really feel the difference. There is no going back now!"~Daniel B. 

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