Inflatable Boards

Inflatable Boards

Discover the Difference in Paddleboarding with Hydrus's Armalight Air™ Inflatable SUPs

At Hydrus Board Tech, innovation drives us. Armalight Air™ is our crowning achievement in inflatable SUP technology, meticulously designed for the enthusiastic paddleboarding community. Our boards blend exceptional quality with groundbreaking innovation, tailored for both tranquil leisure paddling and the thrill of high-octane water sports.

Unparalleled Performance and Versatility in Every Stroke

Whether you're navigating the calm waters of a serene lake or conquering turbulent whitewater rapids, Hydrus inflatable paddle boards redefine versatility. Our iSUPs, fortified with the robustness of Armalight Air™, promise readiness for any aquatic escapade. Choose Hydrus for unmatched portability and resilience, a testament to our commitment to the paddling aficionado.

A Range Tailored for Every Paddler's Aspiration

We understand the diverse needs of paddleboarders. Our expansive collection caters to every level of expertise, from the curious beginner to the seasoned adventurer. Hydrus isn't just a supplier; we're your gateway to a world of paddleboarding possibilities.

Join the Hydrus Family and Elevate Your Paddleboarding Experience

Step into the world of Hydrus and let Armalight Air™ transform your water adventures. Browse our selection today, and find the perfect inflatable SUP that aligns with your aspirations and skills. Embrace the Hydrus experience, where quality, innovation, and your paddling dreams converge.



Lifespan depends on factors like brand quality, construction method (single/double layer, special techniques), and usage frequency. Quality boards can last an average of 3 years with regular use and proper care. Now we're going to brag. You're Hydrus board will last a lot longer! Lots depends on the care you give it. Scuffs and extreme sun exposure will shorten the lifespan but a Hydrus board will last 10+ years. The materials are rugged. Chemical and UV resistant to the maximum extent. The traction pad will wear down first with UV exposure.

Inflating an inflatable SUP is straightforward. It involves removing the board from the carry bag, unrolling it on a smooth surface, attaching a manual or electric pump, and inflating to the correct pressure (usually around 12-15psi). Electric pumps can shut off automatically when the desired pressure is reached.

Inflation time varies depending on whether you use a manual or electric pump and the quality of the pump. High-quality electric pumps can inflate a board in about ten minutes​.

  • Pros: Portability, great for travelers, softer falls, stability, easy storage, durability, suitable for pets. Pricing is lower for a Hydrus iSUP versus non-inflatalbe paddleboard.
  • Cons: Generally ess rigidity compared to Hard boards (not the case with a Hydrus iSUP), potentially less maneuverable if manuverability is desired. We build hard boards for racing and surfing and serious expeditions - where the most exteme performanc is desired. We can shape non inflatable paddleboards faster and more slicey and carvey than iSUPs.

Inflatable paddle boards are suitable for ocean use. They are increasingly popular due to their improved materials and portability, capable of handling ocean conditions including waves. However, it's essential to consider factors like water conditions and clean the board after use in saltwater to prevent degradation.

It's highly unlikely for a dog to puncture an inflatable paddle board. These boards are typically made from multiple layers of durable materials. To minimize risk, ensure your dog's nails are trimmed, and choose a board made from strong materials. The combined weight of the user and the dog should be within the board's capacity. A dogs nails will NOT pop a Hydrus board. Their nails or even teeth won't be able to break the "skin". Just be mindful of the traction pad.

Inflatable paddle boards are excellent for beginners due to their stability and softness, which are crucial for novices. They are also value-for-money, offering good performance for both beginners and advanced paddlers in most conditions. The wider and thicker the board, the more stable it will be, which is beneficial for beginners.

For beginners, it's recommended to start paddle boarding on your knees to lower your center of balance and gain confidence. When ready to stand, place your feet where your knees were and stand up by raising your chest and extending your legs. Keep your feet parallel and hip-width apart for a balanced stance. Always start in shallow water and ensure the fin is down in the water. Get to our YouTube channel - we'll show you the right way to get started.

The choice of an inflatable paddleboard depends on your specific needs and preferences. the JoyRide is a true All-Around board. The JoyRide XL is an all around board for riders that could appreciate more carrying capacity and maximum stability. The Paradise line is for more speed and efficiency. The Axis line is river specific and built to handle rapids. Each board has its unique features and is suited for different user profiles, from beginners to advanced paddlers.

Yes, there are inflatable paddle boards available with seats. Inflatable SUPs often have d-rings for easy attachment of kayak seats, and there are also kayak conversion kits to transform the SUP paddle into a kayak paddle. All Hydrus boards can accomodate a Kayak seat and we have our favorite seats just ask for a recomendation!