Armalight™ SUP

    What is Armalight™ Construction Technology? The result of two and a half years of relentless innovation, Armalight™ is a fusion of lightweight, ultra-high extensibility, and tensile strength aerospace-grade composites. This complex layering process involves 12 synergistic components, allowing us to achieve an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio while safeguarding the lightweight EPS foam core of our boards.

    The precision of Armalight™ enables us to create specific board types. Race boards are constructed to be exceedingly light yet resilient, while river and recreational boards are designed for exceptional durability without excess weight. Through this technology, we have succeeded in constructing boards that are nearly as light as carbon fiber but significantly more robust, outperforming those made with traditional materials like fiberglass or Innegra.

    Armalight™ Construction is not a mere manufacturing technique; it's an engineering philosophy. Established in 2012, Jason, Nick, and their dedicated team aimed to create high-performance boards robust enough to withstand collisions in whitewater rivers. Operating from their workshop near Boise, Idaho, they succeeded in introducing Armalight™ Construction to the world.

    Hydrus boards stand as a testament to meticulous engineering and innovative design, offering a riding experience like no other. The evidence isn't merely in the science behind Armalight™; it's in the performance and durability of the boards themselves, as confirmed by those who ride them. With Armalight™ Construction, Hydrus continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in board technology.