Armalight™ SUP

    Discover Armalight™ Construction: The Pinnacle of Board Engineering by Hydrus Board Tech

    In 2012, Jason, Nick, and their dedicated team at Hydrus embarked on an ambitious endeavor from their workshop near Boise, Idaho. Their goal was clear: to develop boards that would not only meet but exceed the performance demands of whitewater environments.

    The fruit of their labor, Armalight™ Construction, emerged after two and a half years of intense research, development, and refinement. This innovative technology leverages a sophisticated layering of aerospace-grade composites, culminating in a structure composed of 12 synergistic components. This intricate composition achieves an optimal balance, maximizing strength while minimizing weight, setting a new standard in the industry.

    Armalight™ isn’t just about building boards; it represents a shift in how boards are conceived. It allows for tailored material use, making it possible to engineer race boards that are incredibly light yet durable, and river boards that provide extraordinary toughness without added heft.

    Every Hydrus board is a testament to the precision and innovation that go into Armalight™ Construction. These boards challenge traditional materials like fiberglass and Innegra, offering riders a level of performance and resilience that is unparalleled. From the seamless integration of cutting-edge materials to the hands-on crafting process, each board is a piece of advanced engineering crafted to conquer rivers and catch waves like never before.

    With Armalight™, Hydrus Board Tech redefines the boundaries of board technology, ensuring every ride is proof of our commitment to excellence and innovation.