How Hydrus Standup Paddleboads Changed The Game

How Hydrus Standup Paddleboads Changed The Game

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It doesn’t matter if you’re cruising on your local reservoir, taking in the scenery on a backcountry lake, or flying down a Class III rapid—you need the toughest standup paddleboard gear on the market for the smoothest ride and the most memorable outdoor adventures.

That’s why Hydrus is in the business of adventure gear—when we’re not working on making the best gear for land, water, and snow, we’re roaring through the backcountry and testing out Hydrus gear in real-world adventure situations. Our products are made for outdoor enthusiasts, by outdoor enthusiasts—that’s why Hydrus received so much support and have had so many great adventures over the years.

In this blog, allow us to introduce ourselves and show you how our culture, our products, and our mission can help you explore the outdoors and have a good time doing it. With Hydrus gear, you can have amazing adventures without any worries!

About Armalight™ Technology

Hydrus uses Armalight™ technology, a space-age composite construction that allows for an insanely high strength-to-weight ratio that’s customizable for your paddleboarding needs. If you want a board that’s lightweight and fast for zipping around on lakes, Armalight can be tailored to be extremely light without sacrificing virtually any durability. Our boards are equally suited for river runners—just choose a board that’s a bit heavier and nearly indestructible for your trip down the rapids.

Using aerospace composites and water-based compounds, these boards are handmade and engineered to perfection without using any plastics. That means no cracks, brittleness, or air leaks when it matters most. Your board will look beautiful and handle the choppiest waters for years to come.

About Our Company CultureSUP

In 2012, Hydrus set out to become the most innovative paddleboard company in the world—we weren’t going to sacrifice quality for profit, and we certainly weren’t going to give up our love of outdoor adventure just to sell gear. That’s why we built our headquarters in Idaho—a state with hundreds of beautiful, shimmering lakes and the most whitewater rivers in the entire country. Come to visit, and you won’t regret it.

Our team has gone through dozens of paddleboards over the years—and after plenty of experiences on local lakes and rivers, we figured out exactly what we wanted in a board: something light as a feather and sturdy as a brick that offers excellent performance to boot.

Ultimately, our goal at Hydrus is to make boards and other paddleboard gear that allows us to have as much fun in the great outdoors as possible—and all of our hard work gets passed down to you. There’s nothing like heading out into the backcountry and paddling across a pristine lake or tearing through some choppy stuff on the river—and with a Hydrus paddle board, you’ll be able to explore waters around the world for years to come.

Our Promise

At Hydrus, we care about getting outside and enjoying what nature has to offer—but we also care about our impact on the environment. As outdoor enthusiasts, we want to take care of the natural world that brings us so much excitement, fulfillment, and happiness—that’s why we use some of the most eco-friendly materials and manufacturing methods in the industry.

Hydrus is also dedicated to producing all of our products right here in the United States—we pay our employees generously because, well, they’re the reason our boards are as beautiful, sturdy, and fast as any in the business. Plus, we’re a family here at Hydrus! When we’re not working, we’re out and about in the wilderness.

Finally, Hydrus is passionate about being a steward of the environment. We’re here to educate people about our products, our philosophy, and ways to better take care of the environment, and we’ll keep doing that until we’re too old to hop on the old paddleboard (for the record, we’ll never be too old for that).

If you have any questions about Hydrus, feel free to give us a call or use our contact form—we’re happy to help! Until then, get outside and see what your Hydrus board (and the world) has to offer!

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