The Best Places to Paddleboard on Earth

The Best Places to Paddleboard on Earth

You’ve been working on your SUP skills, and you just bought your new standup paddleboard and some essential SUP gear from Hydrus. Where do you go from here? In this blog, the Hydrus team will explore some of the most unexpected and amazing places you can take your SUP on this big, beautiful earth. It’s time for a SUP vacation — check out these great paddling destinations.


It makes perfect sense that one of the best places to paddleboard on the planet is the place that started it all! SUP began in the 1960s with the “Beach Boys of Waikiki” who used paddleboards as an easy way to paddle out on the ocean and take photos of tourists learning to surf. Fast forward to the late ‘90s, and surf legend Laird Hamilton began the popularization of paddleboarding in the U.S.— and now, it’s the fastest-growing watersport in the nation.

But for real — who wouldn’t want to paddle around one of the most beautiful chains of tropical islands in the world, enjoy the scenery, and then come back to the beach to lay out and enjoy a cold beverage? Sounds like paddleboard paradise to us.

The Bahamas

Sometimes, SUP adventures can expose you to some amazing wildlife. This is why The Bahamas, a collection of over 700 islands and even more marine life habitats, is an excellent place to paddle about and check out some of the coolest turtles and fish the ocean has to offer. The water here — which has a stunning emerald hue — is clear and calm so you can paddle easily and wildlife watch all day long. Paddle around for awhile, head back to the beach, and watch the incredible tropical sunset. We need a beach vacation.

Whistler, Canada

As Idahoans, we know that some of the best paddle boarding locations are waaaaaay up in the mountains. The water might not be as warm as in the tropics, but the views are spectacular and the air is as fresh as you’ll find anywhere. Whistler is an excellent example of mountain lake paddleboarding at its best. While most people think of skiing when they think of Whistler, the area has plenty of pristine lakes with beautiful mountain views — which is all you need for a peaceful day on your SUP. Residents of Whistler are mighty lucky to ski all winter and standup paddleboard all summer at the nearby Alpha, Nita, and Alta lakes. Check out the area if you get a chance, and make your way down to Vancouver for some English Bay paddling as well.

Black Canyon, Nevada

The Las Vegas area has much more to offer than dingy casinos and bright lights. The beautiful Black Canyon, which is just a short drive away from the Strip and downriver from the historic Hoover Dam, allows you to get some laid-back river paddling experience and enjoy a unique perspective of the Hoover Dam, the westerly El Dorado Mountains, and the Colorado River.

The Colorado is fairly sleepy after the dam, and the river is fairly wide — so paddling upriver is certainly possible if you’re willing to kick your body into a higher gear for a bit. You’ll certainly be rewarded with amazing campsites, breathtaking views, and even sauna caves. Go out for a day, or meet up with a tour group to get a longer, more in-depth look at the area.

Antarctic Peninsula

Fairweather paddlers have no place in this blog. If you’re looking for a true SUP expedition, it’s time to head down south — way south. The Antarctic Peninsula might be chilly to say the least, but there’s plenty to be seen in this one-of-a-kind destination. Imagine putting on a wet suit and piles of winter clothes, hopping on your SUP, and cruising around the peninsula, catching glimpses of penguins, fur seals, seabirds, and giant masses of ice. That’s an adventure you’d never forget — just try not to fall off your board.

Everywhere, Idaho

We might be a bit biased — but it doesn’t get much better than Idaho when it comes to paddling. With plenty of still lakes, choppy rivers, waterparks, and reclamation, you’re bound to find the perfect place to have some fun on the water. Take your SUP to Redfish Lake, a crystal-clear mountain lake with one-of-a-kind views and a peaceful atmosphere; take your skills to some whitewater on the lower salmon river, a perfect mix of choppy rapids, drop-offs, and lazy stretches for multi-day trippers; or stop by Kelly’s Whitewater park, an excellent place for those looking to improve their skills and practice a few tricks. Whatever you choose, you’re going to paddle on some clean water, see some amazing sights, and have a great time on your paddleboard.

Paddle through Idaho

But before you head out on the water, get the standup paddleboards and SUP gear you need from Hydrus. Our SUPs use Armalite™ technology, a highly durable and lightweight material made of aerospace composites — so no matter what kind of water you’re paddling on, your board will be easily maneuverable and virtually indestructible. Check out our SUP collection, and place an order with Hydrus today.  

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