The Core of Hydrus: A Dream Written in a Notebook

The Core of Hydrus: A Dream Written in a Notebook

In 2011, when the concept of Hydrus was taking shape, I had a notebook where I'd jot down ideas and aspirations. The pages were filled with dreams and visions, but among them was a nugget that has since become the cornerstone of our brand. The words were scribbled among doodles and half-formed thoughts: "Serve the World Unselfishly and Prosper."

More Than Just a Business

We started Hydrus with a very clear and focused set of principles. I wrote, "The secret to growing a successful business is caring about the people you serve — and we care!" This has been the foundation upon which we've built our entire brand. It's not just about selling paddleboards or gear. It's about serving you in our community and delivering value that extends beyond transactional interactions.

Quality that Endures

The phrase "It goes beyond building boards and other gear that stands up to the most rugged conditions, all backed by a lifetime warranty" meant that we were committed to quality. Quality in the materials we use, design, and how we interact with our community. Durability isn’t a bonus; it’s a promise.

A Values-Based Community

We’ve never just been about the products. As I jotted down years ago, "Together, we're building a values-based brand where enduring quality and values meet a passionate community." We are, and have always been, invested in building something much more significant than ourselves. We seek to cultivate a community that shares our commitment to excellence and ethical living.

Committed to Continuous Improvement

I've always been a fan of the Kaizen approach, which focuses on continuous improvement. I wrote, "Getting where we want to be will take some time, but we'll keep the Kaizen mentality of continuous improvement, '1% better daily'." Every day, we strive to improve, whether it’s in customer service, product design, or community engagement.

Pioneers in Ethical Business Practices

We never wanted to be just another company. We wanted to lead. In the words I captured back then: "Leaders in doing good for the world. Showing other businesses how to be ethical and people-friendly." We aim to set an example for other businesses, leading the way in environmental responsibility and ethical business practices.

Making a Difference

Perhaps the most crucial point is the simplest: "We're not just making gear; we're making a difference." We are motivated by the change we can bring about, the lives we can touch, and the communities we can help build and sustain.

The Journey Continues

As we look forward to the future, our mission remains the same, albeit on a larger scale. The dream scribbled in that notebook in 2011 is now our roadmap for 2023 and beyond. We're here to serve, to make a difference, and to build a community based on enduring values and quality.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. We can't wait to see where it takes us next.

All Boiled Down to This Vision Statement

Hydrus was conceived in 2011 with a simple philosophy: Serve the world unselfishly and prosper. We're not just about crafting durable boards but about building a community grounded in care, quality, and ethics. As we work towards our goals, we remain committed to improving 1% every day, leading the way in being good for the world and setting an example for ethical business. We don't just make gear; we make a difference.

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  • Dave

    Wow ! Bought my Axis and super happy with it , just saw this blog and really happy to read your views and company ethics , I mentor and train Continuous Improvement methodologies in the UK . “ innovative improvement = one improvement of 100% , continuous improvement = one hundred improvements of 1% “ it’s a journey keep doing what your doing , best wishes Dave

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