The Difference Between a Cheap and a Quality Standup Paddleboard

The Difference Between a Cheap and a Quality Standup Paddleboard

So you know how amazing a standup paddleboard (SUP) excursion can be—maybe you tried it on vacation, heard about it at work, or tested one out with a friend—and now you want to buy a paddleboard but feel overwhelmed with the selection. You’re not alone. Not only must you choose a brand, but you also have to decide whether you want a solid SUP or an inflatable SUP board, not to mention all the accessories.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been using a standup paddleboard for a while, you’ve certainly noticed that you can find boards in a wide range of prices, which leaves you wondering how to choose the right paddleboard at the right price. Well, Hydrus has you covered. In this post, we discuss the differences between paddleboards so that you can buy the best standup paddleboard that has you looking and paddling like an expert.

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The Best Standup Paddleboard vs. Cheap Paddleboards

Of course, price clearly distinguishes certain groups of paddleboards from others, but reflected in the price is typically the level of quality. Cheap paddleboards differ from their quality counterparts in several ways, including:

  • Construction: With quality paddleboards, like the standup boards from Hydrus, you can expect better durability and stronger construction as well as better materials. Most solid, quality boards are made from a stiff material, such as fiberglass, which is costly. Plus, these boards use multiple layers for durability. Cheaper versions don’t offer the same extensive construction process even with inflatable SUPs. The same layering process impacts the construction of inflatable SUPs, and cheaper versions simply can’t offer the same rigidity because they don’t use as many layers in their construction. With Hydrus boards, whether you select a solid or inflatable standup paddleboard, you can be confident that its solid construction with quality materials can offer the tough, high-performance board you’re looking for.
  • Performance: Maybe you found a plastic, inexpensive board, and you think it has pretty durable construction because of the material. However, what you save in price, you sacrifice in performance. While you may have a board that will last a while, you won’t enjoy hauling the heavy board to the water, and you certainly won’t enjoy its subpar performance in the water. Heavy isn’t the same as rigid. A quality, rigid board is durable yet performs well on the water, whereas a heavier board needs much more heavy-handed maneuvering. When it comes to inflatable SUPs, you may not be able to inflate them to the correct psi, reducing their rigidity and thus their performance on the water.
  • Durability: Quality paddleboards may cost more, but they last much longer. Inflatable SUPs in this category can simply be repaired, but cheaper versions tend to have their structures compromised beyond simple repair when damaged. So you end up buying multiple cheap versions when you could have just bought a quality standup board to begin with.
  • Value: Cheaper may make you think you’re getting better value, but in the standup paddleboard world, cheaper means disposable. When your cheaper board gets damaged, it gets tossed in the garbage while you get a new one. On the other hand, a quality board, while it may be more expensive in the beginning, can hold more value over time. If you decide to upgrade to a new board, a quality board can easily be sold to give you some return on your investment and help you fund a new board.
  • Quality of accessories: Sure, you see those cheaper standup boards come with the same types of accessories you buy with more expensive versions, but just like the board itself, the quality gets sacrificed. Your accessories are just as important as your board. You want your board and everything that goes with it to last. So don’t be tempted by all-in-one packages that toss in low-quality accessories with a cheap board. buy a paddleboard
  • One-dimensional use: Cheap boards are fairly singular in design. Paddleboarding is fun and addictive, but if you get a cheap board that only offers a bit of casual paddling on a calm lake, you’re missing out on all paddleboarding has to offer. Most cheap alternatives simply can’t withstand more than basic paddling in calm conditions, and once you try paddleboarding and see what can be done, you’ll want to experience longer trips, maybe some racing or waves, and even yoga or some other workout on your board. Cheaper versions can’t offer the strength, rigidity, and durability necessary for these options, but Hydrus has plenty of options so you can enjoy our standup board to the fullest.
  • Customer service: Cheaper versions are buy-and-fly experiences. You get the cheap gear and get out on the water with little, if any, help. However, higher-quality brands, like Hydrus, match their high-end products with high-end customer service. Whether you need help choosing the right board or accessories or can’t quite figure out a feature, customer service with quality brands is second to none, giving you a better overall experience with your purchase.

Why Quality Standup Paddleboards Make Sense to Buy

Just like any other sport, hobby, or interest, buying quality equipment helps you to enjoy what you’re doing because you know you can count on the integrity of the gear, and a quality paddleboard means you can do more with it for a longer period of time, which equals a lot more fun.

Whether you want quality, durability, versatility, or strength, a board like those created by Hydrus makes sense. You can count on your paddleboarding gear from Hydrus to last. However, if you aren’t sure you’ll love paddleboarding, don’t use that as an excuse to buy a cheaper version of the real thing. You won’t fall in love with using a standup paddleboard unless you have quality equipment that you can rely on. Instead of buying a cheap alternative, rent one or try a friend’s paddleboard while you save up for a quality standup board from Hydrus.

Not only will you get more than just a basic deck, but you’ll get features that offer more comfort and convenience. Larger deck pads with more grip can be helpful for beginners and extra D-rings to attach additional gear helps to enhance the variety of things you can do or take on your board. From fishing gear, food, or Fido, you can experience more and do more on a higher-quality standup paddleboard.

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