The Hydrus Pricing Strategy: Quality, Efficiency, and Community

The Hydrus Pricing Strategy: Quality, Efficiency, and Community

Straightforward and Purpose-Driven Hydrus Pricing Approach

At Hydrus, our pricing strategy is as straightforward as it comes: offer the best products and the most exceptional service and experience to as many people as possible. We’re not about branding gimmicks or inflating our prices to create an illusion of luxury. We focus on crafting top-of-the-line paddleboards and giving our customers an unbeatable experience, all while fostering health and well-being through the sport.

Lean, Smart, and Tech-Savvy

Keeping our costs low is crucial to our business model. We operate on lean principles, relying on technology to make every aspect of our operation as efficient as possible. Technology is embedded in our DNA, from utilizing the latest materials and construction methods to implementing cutting-edge internal organizational systems. Hence the name Hydrus Board Tech.

Fair Pricing Through Efficiency

Being efficient doesn’t just keep our costs down; it allows us to pass the savings onto you, the customer. We negotiate for volume material prices and implement technology at every turn, enabling us to produce small batches of world-class gear without exorbitant price tags. In other words, our efficiency allows us to be fair.

Community-Centric Approach

We invest in our community instead of pouring money into costly advertising campaigns. Our customers become our most valuable promoters, and we give back to them. This symbiotic relationship builds trust, encourages loyalty, and creates a community of passionate paddleboard enthusiasts who genuinely love and advocate for our products.

Why Our Pricing Strategy Works

Our pricing strategy is rooted in our broader mission to be strategic and responsible from a business perspective. It aligns perfectly with our no-nonsense, straightforward approach to branding: to be bad-ass, build great boards, earn trust, and take care of our customers.

The bottom line? With Hydrus, you’re not just buying a paddleboard; you’re investing in a community and a company that values quality, fairness, and the well-being of its customers above all else.

Update 10/26/2023  

Check this out: The typical paddleboard company allocates 25-35% of the retail price for ads and marketing. If they sell through brick-and-mortar stores, that chunk goes to the store as a markup. With both models, there's additional overhead for marketing departments and sales teams.

As for low-cost boards sold through places like Costco or Amazon -they work on a different model -Costco and Amazon still take a healthy cut, but the brands rely on moving massive volumes. They have to sell tens of thousands to make this model work.

In contrast, Imagine if we prioritize community involvement and rely on genuine word-of-mouth referrals as we always have but scale it by 10 times! We redirect the funds typically spent on marketing and all that extra overhead into enhancing product quality and customer support. We can continue doing what we do best but get even better in many ways. We scale it by 10x; we essentially need to leverage the customers that love us. Work hard to set up and support infrastructure like this. Develop new products and build the dream. It's a win-win for everyone.


Author Bio:

Jason Zawadzki is not just the founder of Hydrus; he's a seasoned paddler with decades of experience. Jason is committed to growing the paddleboarding community and sharing his immense knowledge. His mantra is clear: deliver exceptional products and be a paddleboarding ally for everyone. From spending significant time with each customer to paddling in various ocean, river, and lake conditions, his wealth of experience sets Hydrus and its products apart.

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