The SUP Gear You Need

The SUP Gear You Need

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Looking to get started in the SUP world, but not sure what kind of SUP gear you need? We have you covered. From standup paddleboards to SUP accessories and apparel, Hydrus is your source for everything that can help you enjoy more time outside and tear up the water. Check out some must-haves before you set out on your next SUP trip!

A Solid SUP

You don’t just need any SUP—you need a SUP that can stand up to the elements without weighing you down. That’s why Hydrus hand-crafts all of our boards with Armalight™, a groundbreaking technology that uses aerospace composite materials for a standup paddleboard that’s as tough as it is light. Choose a lighter, thinner board to cruise across glistening lakes, or opt for a thicker, wider board so you can fly down choppy rivers with ease. Whichever board you choose, you’ll have a virtually indestructible rig that’s impervious to cracking and bending, which means you’ll have amazing SUP adventures for years to come.

The Perfect Paddle

It’s a whole lot to conquer the river on a paddleboard. But if you don’t have a paddle, the river will conquer you. It’s not just about having any old paddle—you need the perfect paddle to complement your board, your type of adventure, and of course, your size. Fortunately offers a line of Tough Blade Performance Paddles that are durable, lightweight, and easy to clean—so when you take a digger in a patch of mud, you can rinse that bad boy off without a problem.

A Powerful Pump

There’s a time and a place for powered SUP pumps—but if you’re cruising down the river or spend time far away from the comforts of your home base, you’re not going to be able to haul a heavy pump with you. Hydrus offers the world’s most portable-yet-durable ISUP pump—a simple machine that doesn’t weigh you down but gets the job done when you need it the most. Carry it easily on backpacking trips, and know that it’ll stand up to the elements or the occasional drop. Yeah, we’re pumped about it.

SUPTough Threads

It doesn’t matter if you’re out on the water for a month or a minute—rivers and lakes can be cold and unforgiving. You need durable, comfortable and water-friendly clothing that can keep you warm and protect you from wicked sunburns.

Ultimately, SUP apparel is a matter of preference—the more comfortable and protected you are, the better. However, be sure to prepare for weather changes and varying conditions throughout the day—if you’re on a three-day long trip, you need clothes for the hottest mid-day sunshine as well as the late-night winds. Don’t forget to add some dry-land only clothes to your arsenal so you always have something to change into when your day on the river is over.

A Durable Dry Box

A change of clothes, an emergency phone, snacks—these are all things that should stay dry during your SUP adventures. However, you’re going to be in for a soggy surprise if you expect for a Ziploc bag to keep water out.

Professional-grade dry boxes, like those used by media professionals for camera equipment, are easy to strap down to the back of your board, and are guaranteed to protect all of your important adventure items. You can get small ones than hold no more than your phone and your wallet, or larger ones that can carry a week’s worth of food and supplies. No matter which kind of dry box you choose, you’ll always have the gear you need without water damage and frustration.

The Best SUP Gear from Hydrus

It doesn’t matter if you need just a pump or an entire SUP setup—Hydrus has what you need. Stop by our SUP shop today!

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