Hard Paddle and surfboards - Armalight™

Hard Paddle and surfboards - Armalight™


    Years ago Jason, Nick, and their team set out to build high-performance boards durable enough to bounce off rocks in whitewater rivers.  After several years of R&D in their shop just outside of Boise, Idaho they created Armalight Construction™.

    Armalight™ is a multi-layered blend of lightweight, ultra-high strength composites. There are five main components that all work together to create the highest strength-to-weight ratio we could engineer.

    Our system allows us to interchange materials to make our race boards light but still durable and our river boards ultra-durable but still low weight.  

    We’ve managed to make race boards and surfboards as light as most carbon fiber or fiberglass, but markedly more durable.    ...our boards will "bounce off rocks".