Hard Paddle and surfboards - Armalight™

Hard Paddle and surfboards - Armalight™


    Years back, Jason, Nick and their team embarked on a mission to create high-performance boards with the robustness to withstand collisions with rocks in tumultuous whitewater rivers. Following several years of intensive research and development in their workshop situated just outside of Boise, Idaho, they successfully introduced Armalight Construction™.

    Armalight™ is a multi-layer composite structure, integrating lightweight, super-strength materials. It consists of five key components that synergize to offer the maximum strength-to-weight ratio achievable through our engineering efforts.

    This innovative system gives us the flexibility to alternate materials, allowing us to create race boards that are lightweight yet resilient, and river boards that are extraordinarily durable while maintaining reduced weight.

    We've succeeded in crafting race boards and surfboards as light as most of their carbon fiber or fiberglass counterparts, but significantly more robust. In fact, our boards have the unique ability to "bounce off rocks" without substantial damage.