Discover Armalight™

What makes Armalight so special? Armalight construction enhances a boards strength, weight, looks and performance while being Hand-Made in Idaho in an eco-friendly way by a company that rides the boards it builds!

High Performance

Armalight™ is a composite construction that allows for the highest strength to weight ratio with emphasis placed on durability. There are five main components, including aerospace composites and water-based industrial compounds, that make up the final engineered formulation. There are no plastics involved and these are not molded boards so weakening, developing cracks or becoming brittle over time is not an issue. A hand-made Armalight board will remain just as strong and beautiful as the day you bought it for many years to come.

Extreme Durability

While durability is always paramount the recipe and ingredients of Armalight can be altered depending on the goal performance factors of a certain board style. For example a race board can be built very lightweight yet still durable while a rugged whitewater board can be made with extreme durability. Armalight construction maximizes performance for any style of ride!