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The Ultimate Paddle Board Pump: Efficient, Compact, and Lightweight

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Sometimes simple is best, well perfect example here! It's compact and light enough that you can take this pump anywhere and it will live up to the beating and then some...

We went for lightweight yet durable. Light and small enough to be stowed away inside your ISUP backpack and carried for miles if need be and strong enough to last a long time and get the job done!

Double Action pump with lightweight plastic body with strong aluminum interior shaft with inline pressure gauge. Just enough bells and whistles to effectively get the job done!

Welcome to Hydrus Board Tech, the leading provider of premium paddle board pumps.

Our iSUP pump is the perfect companion, offering a compact and lightweight solution without compromising on power and performance.

Join us as we explore the features, benefits, and unmatched convenience.

Features and Benefits of Our Paddle Board Pump

Efficient Inflation Made Easy

Gone are the days of struggling with bulky and time-consuming pumps. Our iSUP pump is specifically designed to streamline the inflation process, allowing you to spend more time on the water and less time preparing.

With its efficient inflation technology, our pump quickly and effortlessly inflates your iSUP to the desired pressure. The ergonomic design and user-friendly interface ensure a seamless experience, even for beginners.

Say goodbye to manual pumping and hello to efficient, hassle-free inflation with our iSUP pump.

Compact and Lightweight Portability

One of the standout features of our iSUP pump is its compact and lightweight design. We understand the importance of portability, especially for paddle boarders who love to explore new waters.

Our pump is engineered to be easily transportable, allowing you to take it anywhere your paddle boarding adventures take you.

Whether you're traveling to remote locations or simply heading to your local beach, our compact and lightweight pump will be your reliable companion.

Powerful Performance

Don't let the compact size fool you; our iSUP pump delivers powerful performance. Equipped with advanced technology, our pump ensures efficient and consistent inflation, enabling you to reach optimal pressure in no time.

The high-pressure capability ensures that your paddle board is fully inflated, providing the stability and rigidity needed for a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience.

Our paddle board pump is designed to handle the demands of various paddle board sizes and inflation requirements, making it a versatile tool for all paddle boarders.

User-Friendly Features

We prioritize user convenience and ease of use when designing our pump. Our iSUP pump is equipped with user-friendly features that make the inflation process a breeze. The intuitive interface provides clear instructions and allows you to monitor the pressure levels as you inflate your board.

The ergonomic handle and grip ensure comfortable pumping, reducing strain on your hands and making the process more enjoyable. Additionally, our pump comes with attachments and adaptors to fit different valve types, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of inflatable paddle boards.

Embrace Effortless Inflation

Experience the convenience and efficiency of our iSUP pump and elevate your paddle boarding adventures.

At Hydrus Board Tech, we are committed to providing paddle boarders with innovative solutions that enhance their overall experience. With our compact and lightweight pump, you can spend less time preparing and more time enjoying the water.

Buy The Best Paddle Board Pump with Hydrus Board Tech

Investing in a reliable and efficient pump is essential for every paddle boarder. Hydrus Board Tech's iSUP pump offers the perfect combination of convenience, performance, and portability.

Say goodbye to manual pumping and hello to effortless inflation with our compact and lightweight pump. Experience the joy of quick and efficient inflation, allowing you to focus on what you love most—paddle boarding.

Visit our website today to explore our iSUP pump and complete your paddle boarding gear collection with the best-in-class equipment from Hydrus Board Tech.

Quick Note About Sales

Hydrus: Quality First, Always

At Hydrus, we're not just in the business of crafting exceptional boards; we're creating a movement rooted in quality, value and a love for the water. Here's a quick glimpse into our philosophy and how we operate:

Limited Batches, Unmatched Quality We've become renowned for our obsessive attention to detail, unparalleled craftsmanship, and treating customers how we'd like to be treated. This reputation and our steadfast commitment to quality mean our limited batches often sell out sooner than expected. Here's how to secure your piece of excellence:

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Unwavering Commitment, Unbeatable Prices Our fans know that Hydrus stands for top-tier products at remarkable prices. How do we do it?

  • Smart Manufacturing: We craft in small batches using premium materials and superior construction techniques.
  • Efficient Operations: Our streamlined, low-cost operations enable us to focus on what truly matters: quality.
  • Honest Practices: We skip the marketing gimmicks, paid reviews, inflated mark-ups, and other unnecessary costs that would only weigh you down.

Our philosophy is simple: create the best, and let the product speak for itself. We rely on you, our cherished customers and supporters, to spread the word about the quality we live and breathe.

Welcome to Hydrus

30-Day Test Ride: Love It, Exchange It, or Return It

30-Day Test Ride: Love It, Exchange It, or Return It

If you invest in a Hydrus board or any of our gear and find it doesn't significantly enhance your experience or you're not entirely content with the quality and performance, we'll facilitate its return and grant you a full refund - it's our sincere desire to make sure you are satisfied and set up with the proper equipment!

Easy Exchanges: Choosing the right board can be complex, and we want to ensure you end up with the model that perfectly suits your needs. Within 30 days from your purchase or delivery receipt, you can exchange your board for another model in our range. Our team will assist you in identifying the right fit for your style and preferences. The only costs you should incur, as long as the condition of your returned board is good, would be the shipping fees to return the original board and any price difference between the models, if applicable.

Refunds: Provided the purchased item doesn't exhibit unusual signs of wear and tear, and it's within 30 days from your purchase or delivery receipt, we offer you a 100% cash refund. Please be aware that customers will be responsible for return shipping fees and a 15% restocking fee, based on the product's purchase price, especially for any boards. This restocking fee is essential in curbing misuse of the return policy and ensures we can continue offering this generous assurance.

For customers residing outside the United States and certain regions of Canada, we regret that we can't cover the return shipping due to high costs. Nonetheless, Hydrus commits to working closely with all customers, regardless of their location, to ensure that the board they receive is free from defects and shipping damage.

Please note that custom boards and certain other products may be exempt from this policy. See our terms or reach out to us for comprehensive details.


Supporting information for the "Hydrus 30-Day Test Ride: Love It, Exchange It, or Return It" policy:

Understanding the 30-Day Test Ride Period: Our 30-day Test Ride policy grants ample time to evaluate and delight in our products thoroughly. The 30-day boundary is vital in preserving the product's quality and resale value, enabling us to extend this beneficial offer to all our customers. Adherence to this time limit is key to sustaining this service for everyone.

The 15% Restocking Fee, Simplified: A return within the 30-day period will incur a 15% restocking fee of the purchase price and return shipping fees. This charge encompasses the evaluation, restocking, and administrative tasks related to returns, particularly for inflatable and Armalight boards. This precaution discourages short-term purchases intending to temporarily use and return, safeguarding our ability to provide top-tier products with a generous return and exchange policy. Without this safeguard, we could risk our ability to maintain this essential trust-building aspect of our service.

Your Options for Refund or Exchange: Within 30 days from your purchase or delivery receipt, we ensure that returns exhibiting no unusual wear or tear will be eligible for a 100% cash refund. If you'd prefer to exchange your product, we're here to guide you to the perfect model that aligns with your style and needs, with only shipping fees or any price difference between models to consider.

Our Story and Pricing

Hydrus: A Journey from Passion to Innovation

Founded in 2013 by two brothers and a close-knit group of friends, Hydrus was more than a business venture – it was a vision and a passion. A vision to craft limited editions of top-quality boards, infuse innovative ideas, pursue responsible manufacturing, and elevate customer experience to the heart of everything we do.

Located just outside Boise, Idaho, amidst the tranquil beauty of lakes and rivers, Hydrus has come to stand for personalized service, remarkable durability, inventive spirit, elegant minimalism, and the highest quality in the market.

Here's what our proud owners have to say:

  • "Top-notch boards, excellent service, fair pricing, and a conscientious company!" – Tim M., JoyRide XL Inflatable owner.
  • "Exceptional quality! I now own three boards and couldn't fathom opting for any other brand! Hydrus is extraordinary!!!" – Greg H., owner of two Hydrus iSUPs and an Armalight Board.
  • "River surfing is demanding, and this board's resilience is second to none..." – Derek D., owner of a Revo SUP and ToughBlade Paddle.

Our approach to sales is as unique as our products. Instead of traditional methods, we embrace a Community Direct approach, investing in what strengthens our sport and community. For us, word-of-mouth and the self-evident quality of our products speak louder than advertisements. What we save on marketing, we give back through unparalleled customer service and continuous innovation.

In recent years, we've introduced cutting-edge technologies such as Armalight Construction, CrossBoards, composite reinforced iSUPs, Tough Blade Paddles, and boards robust enough to come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Hydrus's mission is distinctive. We're wholeheartedly committed to promoting the sports we love and building our community. Although our boards may be among the most expensive to produce globally, we find ways to remain competitively priced. Our approach is transparent and honest, steering clear of exaggerated marketing, gimmicks, and irresponsible manufacturing. With almost everything done in-house and referrals as our primary sales channel, the savings are passed directly to you.

We believe in investing in research, designing each product ourselves, and maintaining a quality that truly stands out.

Thank you for believing in Hydrus, where your passion for paddling fuels our dedication to excellence. We're immensely grateful for your continued support and excited to participate in your water-bound adventures. Welcome to the Hydrus family! 🌊