UFO 7&
UFO 7&

UFO 7'11" - High Performance River Play & Surf SUP

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The UFO 7'11" 34.5", 33.5" or 32.5".

Play and Surf with stability, volume and big rapid performance.

Shaped by: Jason Zawadzki, Nick Zawadzki

Design inspiration and dimensions by riders Luke Spencer, Luke Evans and Barry Kennon.

"The UFO is a down river play machine!" -Tim Lazelle @tim_kayaks

"This board is as extra-terrestrial as I could have ever hoped. When I went to Jason with my thoughts for a new board I was riding the King Dub 8'8" and knew we could go smaller in order to catch more waves and rip turns quickly. I didn't want to sacrifice the ability to go downriver as we all know the best waves are not always Park n Play. So after many conversations and input from other riders, this is the board we came up with. 

Upon receiving the "Unidentified Floating Object" I hopped right on and ferried out to my local wave. I was impressed with how well it attained and tracked on the ferry. It feels incredibly stable for such a short board. 
On the wave, it's just plain FUN while maintaining an easy feel unlike surf specific boards. Within a few rips I was slashing turns and pumping easily through the foam. Downriver the UFO is intuitive, sporty and peels into eddies like a sports car.  So, for anyone looking to challenge themselves on downriver runs or just add a stable surfer to the quiver....the UFO is a worthy addition." - Luke Evans

The 8'8" King DUB has the volume,  length, and speed to be a monster in downriver rapids and it might always be the best option for a heavier rider, >215lbs.   

The  8'6" Razor has less volume with a thinner midsection than the King DUB  making surfing and pivots effortless.   A major design feature of the Razor is rail engagement and control.  *The epitome of Barry Kennon style of freestyle riding. 

The 7'11" UFO fits waves better for surf but has the stability and control to tackle big rapids.  At 220L, for riders up to approx. 215lbs, there is plenty of volume to tackle some of the largest SUP capable rapids.  *even at its compact length it's noticeably faster than 9' inflatable boards.

Rocker Profile:  We took the proven rocker profile of the King DUB 88 and the 8'6" Razor but shortened the board.

Contact us for sizing.   We love to talk with anyone ordering one of our more technical Armalight boards to ensure we get you set up with the proper size and shape.   

Designed for performance, it's a blend of maximum stability, river play (Freestyle) and surf-ability at a short 7'11" length. 

The bottom channel and contours aid in secondary stability, speed, surfing performance and extreme rock hitting your fin avoidance!  


  • Vent/Handle System: 2020 Models come with a custom Hydrus Carbon Fiber Handle with Self-Regulating Gore-Tex Vent
  • Tri Fin System with channel: Recessed rock avoidance channel with 4.5" flexible river fin plus side fins.
  • Traction: Custom made Hydrus Traction Pad
  • Construction: USA Hand Made in Eagle Idaho. Proprietary ArmalightComposite Construction with our Ultra-Lightweight Fusion-EPS Foam Core
  • Footstraps Optional



32.5", 33.5" or 34.5"

*205 / 221L / 235L

*Extra Layer durability at: 27lbs

WEIGHT LIMIT/ up to 220lbs *Depends on rider abilities and water conditions

Quick Note About Sales

A quick note about how we operate and uniquely handle sales: 

Tales of our obsessive attention to detail, ultra-high quality, "treat customers as we'd want to be treated," service, and "more for your money" value took off, and we are selling out of our small batches of boards, way faster than expected.  Please jump on the waitlist if a board isn’t currently in stock.  We are careful about updating our website, so if a product says in stock, grab it.  If it's a pre-sale, we are building more and near completion, so buy now and get the sale price. If it's out of stock, get on the waitlist, and we'll notify you ASAP; it's on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

As many of you know, Hydrus is dedicated to delivering the highest quality products directly to customers at outstanding prices.  We can use more expensive materials and higher-quality construction by building small batches and keeping our operations as efficient and low-cost as possible.  

We refuse to overspend on advertising, paid reviews, ridiculous chain store mark-ups, marketing gimmicks, or any other nonsense that ultimately costs our beloved customers and supporters time and money. Instead, we believe in delivering the best gear and letting our customers and supporters spread the word. 

30-Day Guarantee

30-day promise

If your buy one of our boards or other gear and it doesn't noticably make your life better in some way or if you aren't completely satisfied with the craftsmanship and performance, we will help you to ship it back and give you 100% of your money back - just a thanks for giving it a shot! 

So long as the item purchased doesn't show abnormal signs of wear and tear, and it's within 30-days of your purchase receipt and/or delievery reciept, we will offer you the choice of a 100% refund or 110% in-store credit towards a different product of your choice.  Customer may be responsible for return shipping fees. 

Outside of the United States and certain territories of Canada, we are unable to cover return shipping due to prohibitive costs.  Hydrus will always work with customers in any region to ensure that the board they recieve is free of defect and shipping damage.  

*Custom boards and other products may not apply.  *See terms or contact us for full details.  



Our Story and Pricing

Started in 2013, by two brothers a few close friends, and the dream to build small batches of premium boards with fresh ideas, responsible manufacturing, and a customer-friendly approach.  


We are a local co. just outside of Boise, Idaho, a city surrounded by beautiful lakes and rivers. Hydrus is quickly becoming known for personal service, extreme durability, new ideas, clean looks and our premium products.  


Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star“Great boards, great service, good pricing and a company with a conscience!" -Tim M.  Owner of a JoyRide XL Inflatable.   


Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star“Hydrus is the best! Amazing quality! I have 3 boards now and wouldn't even consider buying anything else! Hydrus rocks!!!” - Greg H.  -Owner of two Hydrus iSUP’s and an Armalight Board.
Full StarFull StarFull StarFull StarFull Star“River surfing is hard on equipment, and this board has hit rocks a ton of times. Its durability is unmatched...” -Derek D.  Owner of a Revo SUP and ToughBlade Paddle


In typical Hydrus fashion, we take a new approach to sales.  A Community Direct approach. We promote all that make our sport and community stronger. Referrals are the most authentic sales.   We spend very little on marketing but instead rely on word-of-mouth and the quality of our products.  Then, we give back to those who support us by way of the best service possible.

Over the last few years, we've invented Armalight Construction, CrossBoards, composite re-inforced iSUP’s, Tough Blade Paddles and boards that are strong and durable enough to give then a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

From the beginning we’ve had a different mission for Hydrus.   We are all about supporting the sports we love and our community!  Our boards may be some of the most expensive to build in the world but we find ways to make sure our prices are more than reasonable.   Straight forward with no gimmicks, no overblown marketing budget, responsible manufacturing with almost zero waste, nearly everything done in-house and our main source of sales is referrals then we pass the savings on to you.   

We do a lot of R&D, design 100% of every product ourselves, and we maintain quality that’s far superior.

Thank you for the support!!!







Armalight Care and Tips

All Armalight boards are lovingly hand-made by us right here in the USA. So, a slight variance in weight and appearance is natural. Paddleboard weights may vary +/-3lbs.  This variance will not affect performance.  Boards on the heavier side will be quite a bit more durable and may carry speed better in between paddle strokes.  

Nothing is indestructable. Armalight boards are just better.  We could make a board bulletproof but it would be far too heavy.  We aim for a balance of durability and weight depending on the boards' purpose and the rider's preference. 

A very slightly textured surface relieves surface tension caused by the viscosity of water, allowing an object to move through more freely.  Our matte finish emulates high-tech watercraft to have the fastest surface texture possible.  

Threats to any SUP include; standing on boards while on dry land, over-tightening hold-down straps and too much heat without a board cover. 

Repairs to Armalight can be easier that repairing fiberglass or plastic. Contact us, and we will be happy to guide you through. 

Like all high-quality foam core boards, you need to be aware of too much heat.  EPS foam has a softening point of around 190F Degrees.  This temperature can be reached if your board is left to "bake" in the sun uncovered.  Too much radiant heat from the top of a vehicle can be especially dangerous.  Be aware of reflected and radiant heat.

We highly recommend one of our Heat Shield Board Covers.  Insulated board bags are okay. We do not reommend board socks. 

Lifetime Warranty

The toughest, most functional boards on water - all back by our Limited Lifetime warranty on materials and construction.  

With Hydrus you always get the most longterm value!

From the get-go we wanted to build a business that has a positive impact on the world. That means, building the best products we can with no gimmicks or shortcuts and then treating customers how we would like to be treated.  


How many products do you own that you truly love?

Hydrus unconditionally guarantees all products we sell to be free from defects of workmanship and material failures. We will gladly replace or refund any defective items you wish to return according to the terms of our Limited Lifetime Warranty.  

Inflatable Boards:  Hydrus Board Tech offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all it's inflatable boards.  All such products are covered against breakage due to defects in materials, and workmanship from the date of purchase.  Abuse or alteration of the product voids the warranty. 

In the event of breadake due to defects in materials or workmanship the liability of Hydrus shall be limited to the lesser of the cost of repairing or replacing the broken part. Failure to follow all recomended instructions may void this warranty. 

Original Owner: Warranty applies only to the original owner, and is not transferable. 

For all boards, paddles and any other products Hydrus manufacturers there is a repair or replacement guarentee.  Outside of three years, until the end of time, Hydrus may determine a customer cost of half of the lowest marked online price at the time the claim is filed.