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A Beginner’s Guide to Paddleboarding
A Beginner’s Guide to Paddleboarding If you’ve always thought paddleboarding looked like a fun activity (but never had the chance to try it) this is your sign to go for it! While balancing on a board may seem tricky, using...
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The Best Places to Paddleboard on Earth
You’ve been working on your SUP skills, and you just bought your new standup paddleboard and some essential SUP gear from Hydrus. Where do you go from here? In this blog, the Hydrus team will explore some of the most...
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The SUP Gear You Need
Looking to get started in the SUP world, but not sure what kind of SUP gear you need? We have you covered. From standup paddleboards to SUP accessories and apparel, Hydrus is your source for everything that can help you...
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